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very high frequency sound

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using the reflections of high-frequency sound waves to construct an image of a body organ (a sonogram)

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Finally, it is concluded that the noninvasive nature and easy applicability of carotid B-mode ultrasound makes it suitable for screening of atherosclerosis.
Muscle architecture of the vastus lateralis (midway between the lateral condyle and greater trochanter of the femur) was determined using B-mode ultrasound as described previously (12).
Results of their study showed that combined B-mode ultrasound and elastography had 83.3% sensitivity, 88.1% specificity, 92.5% NPV, 75% PPV and diagnostic accuracy of 86.7% which is greater than conventional ultrasound alone.
Guminska et al., "Diagnostic performance of shear wave elastography parameters alone and in combination with conventional B-mode ultrasound parameters for the characterization of thyroid nodules: a prospective, dual-center study," Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology, vol.
Furthermore, only lung-sliding and comet-trail-artefacts could have been evaluated with the B-mode ultrasound. Since the used ultrasound machine did not support M-mode, additional important signs such as "seashore sign" and "lung-point-sign" could not have been analyzed.
Tumor volumes of each mouse were measured and recorded daily with B-mode ultrasound imaging.
Taylor, "Understanding bone responses in B-mode ultrasound images and automatic bone surface extraction using a Bayesian probabilistic framework," in Proceedings of the Medical Imaging 2004: Ultrasonic Imaging and Signal Processing, vol.
Demi, "A system for real-time measurement of the brachial artery diameter in B-mode ultrasound images," IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, vol.
Intra-rater reliability of B-mode ultrasound imaging of the abdominal muscles in healthy adolescents during the active straight leg raise test.
The sensitivity of B-mode ultrasound imaging is approximately 90%.
In the meanwhile, its value and reliability have been corroborated by many studies and clinical practice.[sup][13] Conventional B-mode ultrasound can be used to estimate the degree of synovial inflammation by measuring the thickness of synovial lining.
Tendon geometry was assessed via B-mode ultrasound imaging utilizing a standard ultrasound with extended field of view capability at 10 MHz (GE LOGIQ*e, GE Healthcare, Wauwatosa, WI, USA).
Shear wave velocity measurements provide an objective and quantitative evaluation of tissue stiffness, which may add important information complementary to B-mode ultrasound homogeneity for diagnosis of SS.
Previous research using B-mode ultrasound has suggested that MTrP present as spherical, elliptical and/or even band-like hypoechoeic (dark gray) regions.
B-mode ultrasound facilitates display of the cross section of the IJV and, therefore, measurement of the area and perimeter variation during the cardiac cycle [41].