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very high frequency sound

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using the reflections of high-frequency sound waves to construct an image of a body organ (a sonogram)

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Reliability of B-mode ultrasound imaging of the lateral abdominal muscles in healthy children during the active straight leg raise test.
In a retrospective study, there were 22 patients with RA undergoing CEUS with low MI, along with conventional B-mode ultrasound.
33,34) While not formally assessed, increased muscle volume and development of the flexor hallucis longus was observed via B-mode ultrasound imaging in the dancer cohort.
Caption: Figure 2: High resolution B-mode ultrasound imaging of the same case, in the transversal access of the neck, shows the elliptical shape of the internal jugular vein, outlined by the interrupted line.
Therefore, we prefer to examine the spermatic cord with CDU and B-mode ultrasound before manual de-torsion.
In a color-Doppler study, SILVA & GINTHER (2006) detected the embryos earlier, between 17 and 20 days after ovulation, due to a better resolution of the B-mode ultrasound combined with the color-Doppler function.
Methods: Fifty patients with hypercholesterolemia and twenty controls were selected after getting informed consent regarding the investigation of carotid-intima media thickness by B-mode ultrasound.
1 antepartum monitoring equipment to monitor external 2 parameters: 3 external fetal heart rate by b-mode ultrasound technique (enter quantity transducer crystals) 4 control of uterine activity feeding.
cIMT as measured by B-mode ultrasound of carotid arteries, is a simple and non-invasive imaging test assessing structural changes in the arterial wall and has been widely used as a surrogate marker of atherosclerotic disease.
Color flow Doppler ultrasound produces a color-coded map of Doppler shifts superimposed onto a B-mode ultrasound image.
As described previously [8], both subcutaneous fat and muscle tissue thicknesses were measured throughout the body by B-mode ultrasound (SSD-500, Aloka, Japan) during each season.
Carotid IMT and brachial flow-mediated dilation was assessed using B-mode ultrasound in 513 middle-aged male twins from the Vietnam Era Twin Registry .
Muscle size was measured using B-mode ultrasound (Aloka SSD-500, Tokyo, Japan) at 8 anatomic sites on the anterior and posterior aspects of the body (biceps, triceps, abdomen, subscapula, quadriceps, hamstrings, tibialis anterior, and triceps surae), as has been described previously (Abe et al.