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a woman employed by a bar to act as a companion to men customers


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The ever-popular Just Jam will return for its seventh year on November 1 and 2 as Dance City and Bad Taste Cru host another action-packed weekend of hip-hop culture and breakdance featuring some of the world's greatest B-Boys and B-Girls.
Although she didn't walk away with the trophy in the Baby Battle program, B-girl Terra has become an internet sensation.
If a b-girl has an impressive power repertoire but weak footwork, how might she fare against an opponent with weak power and impressive footwork?
This decades-spanning feast of B-girl power from pioneers such as Nicki Giovanni through MC Lyte, Sweet Tee and Queen Latifah, on up to the mighty Missy Elliott comes from Soul Jazz, one of the UK's most educational reissue labels.
A breakdancer, breaker, b-boy or b-girl refers to a person who practices breakdancing.
For original b-girl (breakdancing) Nadine (aka Lady Six Sky), moving out of the Parkdale community where she grew up, and into the more affluent suburb of Rivercrest seems like the end of the world.
Hikida, who has been breakin' for over seven years, recently unleashed Breakin' Out, a series of weekly one-hour break dancing classes for queer b-girl and b-boy fans and wannabes.
Denise Richards crops up as B-Girl, the woman who tries to get Edmond to buy her an expensive drink in a bar, while also cast are sultry Bai Ling as a peepshow girl, Julia Stiles as a waitress and Mena Suvari as a hooker.
In interviews she often refers to herself as a "quirky b-girl," and said she is a tomboy, but she gets along with everyone on tour, she believes, because she presents herself in a respectable way.
Among the sex workers he briefly encounters, B-girl Denise Richards and prostitute Mena Suvari deliver more than we usually expect of them, and Bai Ling, as a glass booth stripper, wittily registers considerably more than that.
Curtis is dressed for the part of a B-girl as Barbara Stanwyck might have played her--blond pageboy wig, dangling ciggie, martini in hand--but the poem is written in the third person.
Then there's Birmingham act Dance Nuvo, Nottingham's NuProjeks and B-Girl Terra from Wolverhampton.
At only six years old, B-Girl Terra has become a worldwide internet sensation following some amazing break dancing performances in competitions, on TV shows and even in a pop video.
Performers include Brooklyn-based flexers of Next Level Squad and Storyboard Professor; Brooklyn b-girl company Decadancetheater (see "Making It Happen," May 2012); Korean b-boys of Project Soul Collective; and London-based artist Jane Sekonya, who infuses hip-hop with Afro-Caribbean style.
She also plays the lead character in B-Girl, a film about a young breakdancer from New York whose life takes a sudden downturn, after she nearly dies in a knife attack by her ex-boyfriend, only getting her life back on track through breakdancing.