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Synonyms for atm

a unit of pressure: the pressure that will support a column of mercury 760 mm high at sea level and 0 degrees centigrade

a means of digital communications that is capable of very high speeds

an unattended machine (outside some banks) that dispenses money when a personal coded card is used

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The B-ISDN COMPASS/Mercuri field trial involved a study of the interconnection of ATM equipment at the physical and data link layers of the OSI reference model [18].
Telenetworks' AAL2 software implements the B-ISDN ATM Adaptation Layer Type 2 AAL in accordance with the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) specification I.
Matthews concludes, "The usage of IP will overtake all other protocols around 2003 and will grow steadily, whilst current broadband services such as frame relay, B-ISDN and digital leased circuits, will level off and begin to decline.
VTOA is the enabling technology for the delivery of B-ISDN and Broadband IN services," said Tony Zaide, vice president- product marketing.
BUSINESS WIRE)--June 17, 1997-- Hewlett-Packard Company today announces B-ISDN UNI (User-to-Network Interface) signalling test software, which permits users to launch powerful signalling test capabilities of the HP E5200A broadband service analyzer with just two mouse clicks.
1 multipoint signalling and supplementary services; -- PNNI (Private Network-to-Network Interface) testing for routing and signalling protocols; -- NNI (Network-to-Network Interface) testing of key signalling protocols (MTP-3b, B-ISUP), as well as the ATM Forum's B-ISDN Inter Carrier Interface, which facilitates the transfer of underlying signalling messages within and between public networks; -- ILMI (Integrated Local Management Interface) testing of this important SNMP-based signalling support layer protocol, which is responsible for link keep-alive, address registration and configuration parameter exchange at the UNI; and -- conformance testing via executable test suites to ensure correct implementation of the ATM Forum's UNI 3.