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a woman employed by a bar to act as a companion to men customers


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Caption: B-boy Bumblebee, of Russia, 18, won a gold medal at the Youth Olympic Games last fall.
Every year thousands of talented youth from around the world fight for a chance to represent their country in the finals where 16 boys and 16 girls compete to be chosen the B-boy and B-girl champions.
Immediately after being announced as the winner after battling against the best 16 B-Boy in the country, B-Boy Sinbad said: "Since last year I have been preparing myself and trying to push the limits and focus on the weakness of my style and what I needed to add."
The World B-Boy Classic believes in the power of the Hiphop dance battle as a starting point for engagement and exchange.
Eighth Army headquarters in Yongsan, central Seoul, featuring Jinusean, Babylon, 4TEN and other K-pop artists, as well as LED, B-boy and taekwondo dances, and "samulnori," a traditional Korean percussion music.
This event brings together four artists: beat-boxer Hobbit, b-boy Ryan LoGisTic Harston, singer/rapper Elektric and puppeteer Mohsen Nouri.
Contract awarded for West Dessau Jeonju B-Boy Square and parking lot development project
The top 5 Korean live shows chosen are "Nanta," "Jump," "The Last Empress," "Gwanghwamun Sonata" and "Ballerina Who Loved A B-boy."
In "B-Boy Infinitives," Patrick Rosal riffs on nostalgia: "To suck until our lips turned blue / the last drops of cool juice / from a crumbled cup sopped with spit the first Italian Ice of summer." It's a poem that relies on imagery and internal rhyme.
? B-Boy Championships World Finals, O2 Academy, Birmingham.
T Hosted by hip-hop legends Crazy legs and Afrika Islam, the 19th annual Sony B-Boy Championships World Finals will see top break-break dancers, poppers and hip-hop dancers bring their best moves, routines and unique style to the stage, with Sony there to capture the best bits.
Marina Kim, Guzal Makhmudova, Alina Davlyatova, Alexander Kim, Aksungul Kutpimuretova, Nikita Kim, Komil and Komol Rasulmukhamedov, as well as music bands B-Boy Unit U&I and D-Voices reached the finals as well .
In Cypher, breakdance crew Steel City Rockers explore a crucial part of the B-boy culture - a style of street dance that originated in New York City during the '70s - with a circle of dancers exhibiting energy and creativity to the beat of the music.
The film actually has this discussion, one B-Boy grumbling that Blake is treating them like athletes whereas what they do is "an artform".
BATTLE OF THE YEAR 3D (12A) INSPIRED by Benson Lee's 2007 documentary Planet B-Boy, Battle Of The Year is a tale of triumph against adversity, following a team of breakdancers as they try to make their mark against impressively athletic rivals.