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The evidence is inconclusive, but it makes sense B vitamins would be required for athletic performance because of their role in energy production and tissue repair.
Active, natural-food consumers want all-natural products that offer hydration solutions and nutrition like B vitamins.
B vitamins are, to a varying degree, sensitive to heat, oxidation and humidity and can be easily destroyed.
Because B vitamins are water-soluble, beverage applications are easily fortified.
But the B vitamins are critical to the pathways in your body that convert the food you eat into energy.
The key is to get a good balance of all the B vitamins.
Our goal is to find out if lowering homocysteine with B vitamins will help.
While getting enough of the key B vitamins is not likely to eliminate cardiovascular disease, which also includes stroke, most experts believe it is important to risk reduction.
Most B vitamins are found in animal products like meat, turkey, milk, cheese and eggs, but if you're not a big carnivore, not to worry; plenty of B's--though, notably, not B12--are found in legumes, whole grains and even some fresh fruits and vegetables.
Despite the promising findings, it's premature to start pumping up your intake of B vitamins.
The findings do suggest, however, eating plenty of foods rich in B vitamins, such as lean beef, low-fat milk, orange juice, dark green leafy vegetables, wheat germ, lentils and beans.