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a coastal region at the southeastern corner of the Mediterranean bordering Israel and Egypt

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This means the parasite can become trapped between the lens and the eye, allowing it to burrow into the eyeball and penetrate the cornea, thus increasing the likelihood of corneal ulcers," said Dr Azzah Mohammed Al Jumaie, an ophthalmologist at the hospital.
Parallelism 2, Part A): and Azzah also shall be verie sorowful
I've also produced a more upright version of this as a dining chair which I've called the Hot Seat, plus there's a Moosa table and a low- level Azzah fountain.
Army destroys militants' cars loaded with weapons in Aleppo countryside A military source told SANA that scores of militants were killed and injured in Alliramoon, Mrt al-Atrik, al-Mansourah, al-Rashidin, al-Hader, al-is, Minnig, Daret Azzah, Hiritan, Anadan and Al-Ewijeh.
1) Mohd Rizal Muwazir, (2) Noradilah Abdul Hadi, (3) Zaini Nasohah, (4) Nor Azzah Kamri, (5) Azian Madun, (6) Kamaruzaman Noordin, (7) Suhaili Sarif, (8) Muhammed Yusof
The concluding ceremony included the forum speech given by Azzah bint Mohammed al-Aysariya, Head of Women Counseling department in which she said that the 2nd forum entitled "Work Perfection to Please God" calls for perfection in work and what it requires of excellence and progress.
Its human resources executive director Azzah Al Sharhan, received the HR Director of the year 2008 award at the GCC HR Excellence Award.
Azzah Al Sharhan, Executive Director of Human Resources at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that employees should be given priority in any restructuring and should enjoy their benefits to enable the organisation to overcome any economic difficulty.
We offer a wide range of scholarship courses and training programs for students and professionals who are interested in the nuclear energy industry," said Azzah Al Sharhan, HR Director at ENEC.
Azzah is one Saudi woman (of Egyptian origin) whose husband's 30-year drug addiction and drug dealing caused her marriage to break down.
Azzah Al Shahran, HR Director, Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, winner of the 2009 HR Director of the year award, stated: "[This year] our challenge is to build a new culture for the organization therefore we've been doing a lot of recruitment.
The appointees are Azzah Al Sharhan and Leena Al Abbas.
Azzah Al-Sharhan, Executive Director of Human Resources Department at Dubai Chamber won the HR Director of the year 2008 award of the GCC HR Excellence Award which was launched during the 4th Annual Human Assets Expansion Middle East Congress held at Royal Mirage Hotel in Dubai between 15-17 June 2009.
While welcoming the students, Azzah Al Sharhan, Executive Director of Human Resources, Dubai Chamber, said: eIuIn line with HH Sheikh MohammedeIUs vision of creating new UAE global entrepreneurs capable of withstanding the challenges of the globalized world and open market, we at Dubai Chamber strive to work for youth development projects thus our association with this Global Business Opportunity Initiative.
Azzah Al Sharhan, Executive Director of the Human Resources Department, said C[pounds sterling]Dubai Chamber has prepared a programme of internal visits for the summer training students to various vital establishments of different sectors such as tourism and trade to introduce them to the real atmosphere of work and help them choose the type of jobs they plan to get in the future,C[yen] said Al Sharhan.