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a member of the Nahuatl people who established an empire in Mexico that was overthrown by Cortes in 1519

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Since 2008, Aztec has focused almost all of its sponsored drilling/production partnerships on oil wells in Texas when the programs are offered.
What is still somewhat clear is the face of Tonatiuh, the Aztec sun god, in the stone's center.
Indeed, we gave the multicolored skatepark its first working over, Corpsy got his nose powdered by a cute MTV intern, Joey bought a big-ass Aztec sacrifice knife, and Burnett and I splurged g on room service on our last night in town.
Aztecs chronicles the ancient civilisation from its origins in 1325 to its demise in 1521 following the arrival of Spanish invaders.
Klein's examination of the similarities between representations of the European Wild Woman and those of the Aztec goddess Cihuacoatl.
The agreement with the City of Aztec is the latest in a series of power contracts recently announced by PNM.
Coming from advertising sales, Glenn has a proven ability to sell intangibles," said Whit Beverly President of Aztec Products.
Aztec has designed a total of four offices for the accounting firm within the past year.
The Aztec people used hieroglyphic symbols in their writing and art.
Aztec rulers would approach leaders of other tribes and arrange for wars to be fought in which few warriors would be killed, but thousands of prisoners would be taken.
In less than two years, Hernando Cortes defeated the mighty Aztec empire
Bill Clinton and Al Gore might want to take note of an ancient cure for a fatigue that afflicted Aztec public officials in the 16th century,
NEW YORK -- Aztec Equity Partners today announced that its private equity fund intends to invest in the next wave of "disruptive" technologies: alternative fuels, "green" building, and environmentally friendly products.
Ariane Cox, Vice President of Aztec Oil & Gas Inc.