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islands in the Atlantic Ocean belonging to Portugal

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Younicos and battery provider Leclanche, in which Recharge is an investor, are also working on bringing similar solutions to the other Azorean islands and beyond.
Canopy insect herbivores in the Azorean Laurisilva forests: key host plant species in a highly generalist insect community.
Nevertheless, as it is in the scope of a different forest vegetation class (Lauro azoricae-Juniperetea brevifoliae), the only floristic link being Ranunculus cortusifolius and the greater floristic affinity is with Azorean grassland Tolpido-Holcetea rigidi, the inclusion of Azorean fringe communities in the new order remains only provisory.
The shallow-water Polyplacophora of the Azores and some comments on the biogeographical relationships of the Azorean malacofauna.
I'm not the first person to feel that sense of urgency in this part of the world, racing through the Azorean waves in search of whales.
Azorean cheeses, like Sao Jorge and Isla, are also fabulous, and I enjoy two of the best steaks of my life.
Benthic diatoms and macroinvertebrates in the assessment of the ecological status of Azorean streams.
Sharing little tastes of our treasure, we sampled Azorean fish stew (Caldeirada, $16.
I grew up at 119 Commercial Street, the West End, which at that time was almost 100% Portuguese, most of us Azorean.
Paula Rudall (of the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew), originally viewed these butterfly-orchids as a simple, tractable system ideal for studying the origin of species and so they initiated a focused exploration of all nine Azorean islands.
According to the research by Mary Henriqueta Gimenes, (19) the technique of making the barreado is also associated with Azorean culture.