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Synonyms for Azollaceae

used in some classifications for the genus Azolla

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The families Azollaceae, Equisetaceae, Lygodiaceae, Marsileaceae, Polypodiaceae, and Salviniaceae are represented by a single species each.
Ademas, se utilizaron las descripciones especificas para las especies de Characeae (Wood y Imahori 1964, 1965, Guerlesquin 1981), Azollaceae (Slocum y Robinson 1997), Hydrocharitaceae (Holm-Nielson y Haynes 1986), Potamogetanaceae (Holm-Nielson y Haynes 1986a) y Pontederiaceae (Horn 1987).
acuminatus ++ Bryophyta: Amblystegiaceae Drepanocladus capillifolius + Pteridophyta: Azollaceae Azolla caroliniana + Spermatophyta: Apiaceae Hydrocotyle ranunculoides + Callitrichaceae Callitriche sp.
The following families of this order, treated in this paper, are Aspleniaceae (spleenworts), Azollaceae (mosquito ferns), Blechnaceae (chain ferns), and Dennstaedtiaceae (bracken and hay-scented ferns).
Caracteres % Familias Citas Anatomico- 7 Casuarinaceae, Flores 1977, 1978, taxonomico Poaceae 1979, Fernandez 1984, Montiel 1976a Coloracion 1 Orchidaceae Gonzalez y Mora- de la flor Retana 1996 Morfologia 8 Araceae, Bixaceae, Barahona 1977, Di floral Fabaceae, Stefano y Chaverri Orchidaceae 1992, Maldonado de Magnano 1990, Mora-Retana y Gonzalez 1996, Ribera y Flores 1983, 1988 Morfologia 12 Avicenniaceae, Camacho y Bellefleur foliar Azollaceae, Poaceae, 1996, Flores 1975, Marsileaceae, 1980, Flores et al.
Plant floating on water or stranded on moist substrate (not rooted in soil) Azollaceae
1986) advocated that Azolla should not be placed in the same family as the genus Salvania but, rather, should be placed in a separate family, the Azollaceae.