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an ethnic group living in Azerbaijan

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Azeris living mostly in Iran's East and West Azerbaijan, Ardebil and Zanjan provinces.
First, Armenian-Azeri conflicts have been-and have continued to be-ethnic-based and have revolved around territorial concerns, as well as political and nationalistic issues, rather than religious issues, even though the majority of Azeris have been Muslims and the majority of ethnic Armenians have been Christians.
Head of Azerbaijan Culture and Solidarity Association ReE-ad Abdullayev and a number of association members visited the disaster-hit Soma and met with families of the mine disaster to offer Azeri students' condolences for the mine blast last week.
Armenian serviceman Hakob Injighulyan got lost on the Armenian-Azeri border and was captured by Azeris on Aug 7-8 night.
The three motives which drive Iran's anti-Azerbaijan policy are: First, Azerbaijan's independence attracts the attention of the ethnic Azeri minority in Iran.
Azeris inside Iran are generally well assimilated--Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is himself half-Azeri--but there is a small movement to join the Azeri region of Iran with the existing state of Azerbaijan.
In this period of Arab conquest, the cultural life in Aran / Artsakh did not cease and in the eighth century a distinctive local Christian culturewas shaped, as opposed to the Islamization of the surrounding nations, including the Turkic ancestors of modern Azeris that arrived in the region three centuries later.
3 million civilians (1 million Azeris and 300,000 Armenians) had been forcibly displaced from their homes.
Jeyhun Hajibeyli, a prominent member of the pre-Bolshevik Azeri intelligentsia, observed that while ordinary Azeris continued to identify themselves as Muslim believers and viewed Islam as an important element of their identity, they were not especially observant of sharia.
In his homily, the Pope mentioned the heroism of Azeris who died for the faith during the Communist regime.
In an environment of rising ethnic and religious consciousness following the collapse of secular Marxism-Leninism and the Soviet Union, Azeris find themselves living in the only Muslim republic in Transcaucasia.
Four Iranian Azeris have been issued long prison sentences for peacefully defending their rights, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran (ICHRI) has reported.
On October 22 the Azeris fired at the cars on the Paravakar section of the Berd-Ijevan road in Tavush region, Armenia.
The offices of two anti-Iran separatist groups called South Azerbaijan National Liberation Movement and Coordinating Council of World Azeris in Baku have been shut down, Contact AZ news agency reported.
While children have been taught Azeri in Latin script since the break-up of the Soviet Union, Azeris over the age of 30 were educated in Cyrillic and they can read their native tongue only when it appears in Russian letters.