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The first building of the shrine was red at the time of Aeron al-Rashid, instead, Azed al-Dawla had built a white dome, and in the Safavid era it was green and then by King Nadir was a gilded dome.
The predatory objectives of the male protagonist are forestalled by Azed.
Head of the "Wafa" Movement bloc Azed Badi said "this number will be probably revised upwards, noting that the signing of this motion is in response to some decisions that have hampered work of the NCA, including Ben Jfar's decision to postpone Wednesday's plenary session.
BARDO (TAP) - Chairmen of parliamentary groups failed to reach a compromise at the end of their meeting on Tuesday afternoon, President of Wafa bloc at the National Constituent Assembly (NCA) Azed Badi announced.
The Liaison Committee is composed of the following deputies: Walid Bannani (Ennahdha), Jamel Touir (Ettakatol), Noura Ben Hassine (Congress for the Republic), Skander Bouallagui (Al-Mahabba Movement), Azed Badi (Wafa Movement), Tarek Bouaziz (Al-Joumhouryia Movement) and Hichem Ben Jam (Democratic Alliance).