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(Sanskrit) an ancient medical treatise summarizing the Hindu art of healing and prolonging life

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The decoction was prepared by boiling the powdered bark sample (60 g or 12 "kalan") under low heat with 960 mL of water (4 "patha") until concentrated to 240 mL (1 "patha") as according to the traditional method practiced in Ayurveda medicine to prepare "kasaya" (decoction).
LANCASTER - Ayurveda medicine is complementary and supplementary to modern medicine and should never be considered to be in place of modern medicine, according to Dr.
The tax on zari work, unbranded ayurveda medicine has been reduced from 12 to 5 per cent.
Mani is also accused of giving tax relaxation to a company, and giving exemptions to poultry farmers and an Ayurveda medicine manufacturer by abusing his position as finance minister.
Also, representatives of the hospitals offered information on Ayurveda medicine, cosmetic surgery, dental services, skincare, spa and wellness services, orthopedic-knee and back care, and disabilities, among other ailments.
My father who had a paralytic stroke was let down by allopathic doctors who said he was beyond treatment, but ayurveda medicine made him recover.
The BJP's manifesto also talks about women empowerment, e-governance, urban and rural development, IT, new energy sources, development in adivasi-dominated areas, Dalit and neglected sections, wetland development, wind energy, promotion of ayurveda medicine, among other things.
The Ayurveda medicine will have long-term goals and strict restrictions on the food, but I am willing to sacrifice this for my child's health."
Her husband, who doctors had given up on, is on the slow and weary route to recovery through ayurveda medicine.
Of these, APAC will command the Ayurveda market over the predicted years due to the rich tradition of Ayurveda medicines led by Myanmar, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India and others.