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(Sanskrit) an ancient medical treatise summarizing the Hindu art of healing and prolonging life

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The delegation visited the Complementary and Alternative Medicine research centre and clinic in Berlin, where research and treatments are being carried out on Ayurveda and other alternative Medicine.
Recently, it has operated as a high-end spa for meditation, alternative health practices, and Ayurveda education.
All the food here is based on Ayurveda. We have a wonderful chef with 15 years of experience in this type of cooking.
"Ayurveda is the primary healthcare system of India.
Talking to UNI today, Thiruvananthapuram Ayurveda Medical College Principal Dr P K Ashok said, ''the selection of doctors from the State by the Commonwealth authorities is regarded as a great achievement for Kerala, which is the only State in India to practices this system of medicine with absolute dedication.''
Historically locating the foundations of Ayurveda in the (religious) healing practices of the Indus-Valley people and in the Vedic scriptures suggest how religious and mythological concerns were integrated with scientific pursuits.
The Ayurveda looks deeper and specifies the reason.
This paper's focus is on the institutional incarnation of Ayurveda as practiced at the Outpatient Department of Naradevi Ayurveda Hospital.
According to the principles of ayurveda pitta people are of moderate build with a warm skin tone, strong appetite and thirst, interested in conversation and sports, with a sensitivity to heat and an ambitious, fiery, confident nature.
In addition to the Ayurveda clinics, many luxurious hotels and beach resorts have a spa or massage centre.
To all appearances, her prakriti (her original constitution in Ayurveda) is Kapha.
Mishra has created a text focusing on the physical-chemical basis of clinical practice using ayurveda. Mishra and colleagues at the University of Southern California have been maintaining a database of ayurveda in the US, conducting basic and clinical research trials for the past decade, and publishing in several peer-reviewed alternative medicine journals.
Ayurveda for Yoga Teachers and Students: Bringing Ayurveda Into Your Life and Practice
M2 PRESSWIRE-August 27, 2019-: Ayurveda Market Size 2019, Future Industry Scope, Global Analysis, Share, Growth, Current Trends, Top Company Profile, Regional and Country wise data Forecast to 2023