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long nerve fiber that conducts away from the cell body of the neuron

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But since non-serotonergic axons rather than serotonergic axons apparently increase ciliary beating in L.
To summarize the changes to Table 1, page 37, the heading "Joint Afferents" should be "Joint Receptors" (afferents are axons).
The condition of this nerve may be an excellent indicator of whether a treatment is actually saving axons.
However, even without alignment and when a short gap is present in the nerve (<3 mm), the axons find the distal nerve stump and innervate their original targets.
Paradoxically, a surplus of oligodendrocytes early in brain development may lead to a dearth later, because if there are proportionally fewer neurons, many oligodendrocytes cannot wrap an axon or reproduce.
As the growth cone moves through the environment, receptors on its filopodial structure allow maximum contact with the specific guidance signals, located within the extracellular matrix or the surface of nearby axons (Goldberg & Burmeister, 1989).
When the spinal cord is injured, axons can be either crushed or completely severed.
On electron microscopy, distinct abnormalities were observed in the myelination of axons with the vestibular nerves; the most common abnormalities were cleavage, splitting, and fragmentation of the myelin lamellae (figures 2, A, and 2, B).
Within the spinal cord, the axons and cell bodies of spinal cord neurons occupy different regions.
"This finding indicates that, as well as providing a route for axons to travel past the injury site, our cellular bridges must contain specific factors to stimulate distant nerve cells to respond."
Neurites are projections from the cell bodies of neurons, either axons (which carry signals outward to other neurons) or dendrites (which receive the signals).
The tests, the doctor said, revealed that even though Irungu did not have an injury to his nerve the axons in his nerves in the left hand have been affected.
However, long before the cells die, they lose contact with the muscles as their axons atrophy.