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long nerve fiber that conducts away from the cell body of the neuron

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The notion that physical features help guide axons is gaining momentum, says UCLA neuroscientist Samantha Butler.
Moreover, axons of the GABAergic D-type motor neurons of C.
Silver's lab, came up with the idea of designing a drug that would help axons regenerate without having to touch the healing spinal cord, as current treatments may require.
Cyanine dye, DiO (3,3'-dioctadecyloxacarbocyanine perchlorate, Molecular Probes, D275), was used to trace the MLF axons from the rhombencephalon.
The density of descending serotonergic axons labeled by 5-HT immunostaining was dramatically reduced in the caudal spinal cord of vehicle-treated mice.
To properly form neural circuits, developing axons (long extensions of neurons that make the nerves) need molecules to guide them towards their target, in the same way that road signs guide us when we drive," Pierre Fabre, doctoral student in Charron's team and first co-author of the article, said.
trivolvis, axons in the vpn form a major part of the 5-HT-like immunoreactive (5-HT-LIR) plexus on the pedal sole.
When testing axons for neuro-physiological identification within a peripheral nerve, there are several kinds of large group I axons.
The condition of this nerve may be an excellent indicator of whether a treatment is actually saving axons.
Stem cells known as normal human neural progenitor (NHNP) cells develop into three types of brain cells: neurons, which receive and transmit electrical signals via axons and synapses; astrocytes, which manage neurons' surrounding environment; and oligodendrocytes, which produce myelin, the fatty sheath that insulates axons.
Therefore, it presents a working model to gain knowledge of how axons migrate through intermediate regions to find their final targets and set up connections.
blebs and whorls) associated with medium- and large-diameter axons (figures 1, A, and 1, B).
Neurons have threadlike fibers called axons that send messages and branches called dendrites that receive them.
Neurons consist of a round cell body that sends signals over long, terminally branched processes, called axons, and receives signals from the axons of other neurons through multiple shorter processes, called dendrites.
This finding indicates that, as well as providing a route for axons to travel past the injury site, our cellular bridges must contain specific factors to stimulate distant nerve cells to respond.