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a pointed tool for marking surfaces or for punching small holes

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Taking advantage of the SNR information for every Doppler bin [13], AWLS method outperforms OSM and SSCM especially for low SNR.
Therefore, nonuniform sampling may degrade the performance of AWLS and MSCR methods.
We went over the AWLS utilities map -- locating gas, water, and electrical lines, breaker boxes, the storage shed for camping fuel, vehicle gas tank and pump, LP gas tanks, and storage shed for ammunition and black powder used in our shooting sports program.
By 4:30 p.m., we had forty-three of the forty-nine participants on the AWLS site.
Consisting of about 150 individuals who represent member libraries in Westchester County (due north of New York City), AWLS consists of library trustees, members of friends-of-the-library groups, and real live patrons.
This year, the AWLS group is targeting home-based PC access to the WLS main frame computer as a major goal.
The first hide was placed at the center of the line and hides on either side would be marked, cut, and tacked together using an awl and back strap sinew provided by the host.
To indicate where hides were to be cut, the point of the awl with scratches was utilized.
The SCI Foundation has several well-established educational outreach programs, including the Becoming An Outdoorswoman (BOW) and More, American Wilderness Leadership Schools (AWLS), Safari in a Box, Apprentice Hunter Program and educational scholarships.