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the minimization of tax liability by lawful methods

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While the Queen is not personally involved in investments, the off-shore funds could have been used to avoid taxes, according to the (http://www.
79% of taxpayers who use "known abusive devices" to avoid taxes.
If you want your clients to give to charity just to avoid taxes, they have to be willing to leave their children significantly less.
But relocating headquarters to avoid taxes has become a political no-no, and, as consultant Kenneth Kies writes, the perception of favorable treatment for U.
State revenues are likely to suffer, as some smokers seek to avoid taxes by purchasing them from such sites.
citizenship to avoid taxes, and still be able to return home for months on end because the law barring their re-entry is rarely, if ever enforced?
Allan Stein, tax counsel for the American Insurance Association, said the industry, in short, wants the insurance buyer to avoid taxes imposed by the IRS.
The Indianapolis Baptist Temple has tried a variety of methods to avoid taxes, from changing its name to arguing it is protected under the First Amendment.
if you paid $3,000 for 100 shares and you sold them for $3,500, the $500 is taxable as capital gains A benefit of holding stocks is you avoid taxes on any increased value, Kay says.
They should not be allowed to avoid taxes at a time when others are being asked to contribute to our nation's economic recovery.
Global Banking News-February 12, 2015--WSJ says BofA helped clients avoid taxes
companies taking profits overseas to avoid taxes , with Apple (Nasdaq:AAPL) in particular singled out for criticism by U.
However, Gardner noted that it is likely that there are more companies than those on CTJ's list that avoid taxes by keeping their profits in other countries.