Avogadro's number

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the number of molecules in a mole of a substance (approximately 602,250,000,000,000,000,000,000)

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This general relationship makes Avogadro's constant a fixed point from which to define mass.
Calculating the volume taken up by each atom of silicon allowed them to work out how many atoms were in the whole sphere, and derive Avogadro's constant with a relative uncertainty of 3.0W10(raised to)-8.
where n is the refractive index of molecule/material, M is the repeat unit of molecule, [N.sub.A] is Avogadro's constant, [gamma] is the polarizability, and [rho] is the density of molecule/material.
where [Mathematical Expression Omitted] and q = 4[Pi][n.sub.s]/[[Lambda].sub.o] sin ([Theta]/2) with [N.sub.A], dn/dc, [n.sub.s] and [[Lambda].sub.o] being Avogadro's constant, the specific refractive index increment, the solvent refractive index and the wavelength of light in vacuo, respectively.
There is virtually nothing in mainstream economic theory or econometrics which has properties of so fixed a character (analagous, in the natural sciences, to Avogadro's Constant or Planck's Constant) that makes it suitable as a means of making predictions.