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Italian physicist noted for his work on gases

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Commenting on his appointment, Avogadro said: "I'm excited by the challenge that lies ahead.
In conjunction with a research project to determine the Avogadro constant, an ingot of hyperpure float- zone natural silicon crystal was produced by Wacker-Siltronic (Germany) in 1995.
The result, a measurement of the Avogadro constant, can then be used to calculate the Planck constant, using precise measurements of other fundamental constants--including the Rydberg constant, which is related to the energy needed to ionize a hydrogen atom.
On the elementary electrical charge and the Avogadro constant.
Researchers at the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) have set up a complex chain of many manufacturing and analytical steps in order to - by counting the atoms in a silicon sphere - accurately determine two constants of nature: the Avogadro constant and Planck's constant.
In (5)and (6), [k.sub.b] is Boltzmann's constant, T is temperature (in K), [[epsilon].sub.0] is the dielectric permittivity in vacuum, [[epsilon].sub.r] is the relative permittivity, e is the elementary charge, N is Avogadro's number, pH is the fluid pH, [K.sub.Me] is the binding constant for sodium adsorption, [K.sub.(-)] is the disassociation constant for dehydrogenization of silanol surface sites, [[GAMMA].sub.s] is the surface site density, [K.sub.w] is the disassociation constant of water, and [C.sub.f] is the electrolyte concentration.
Maksimov became interested in the studies of memory effects in aqueous solutions diluted past Avogadro's number of molecules—homeopathic remedies—and by the Complementary and Alternative Medicine field.
New York, Aug 25 ( ANI ): Scientists behind the Avogadro Project in Australia have sought to create the world's roundest object.
The values of X-ray density of each sample were calculated by using the formula [D.sub.x] = 8M/[Na.sup.3], where [D.sub.x] is X-ray density, M is the molecular weight, N is Avogadro's number, and a is the lattice parameter.
Fue en 1811cuando el fisico italiano Amadeo Avogadro, conde de Quaregna, reconcilio ambos hechos sugiriendo que las ultimas particulas de los gases elementales no son atomos sino agregados de ellos, a los que dio el nombre de moleculas.
Candidates for the primary fellowship examination will not be able to reconcile Avogadro's Law (22.4 l for a mole of gas at standard temperature and pressure) with the currently defined standard pressure of 100 kPa.