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Synonyms for Avicenniaceae

used in some classifications: coextensive with the genus Avicennia

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MST (dru; B, OA) Avicenniaceae Avicennia germinans (L.
Caracteres % Familias Citas Anatomico- 7 Casuarinaceae, Flores 1977, 1978, taxonomico Poaceae 1979, Fernandez 1984, Montiel 1976a Coloracion 1 Orchidaceae Gonzalez y Mora- de la flor Retana 1996 Morfologia 8 Araceae, Bixaceae, Barahona 1977, Di floral Fabaceae, Stefano y Chaverri Orchidaceae 1992, Maldonado de Magnano 1990, Mora-Retana y Gonzalez 1996, Ribera y Flores 1983, 1988 Morfologia 12 Avicenniaceae, Camacho y Bellefleur foliar Azollaceae, Poaceae, 1996, Flores 1975, Marsileaceae, 1980, Flores et al.
Phylogenetic relationships of the mangrove family Avicenniaceae based on chloroplast and nuclear ribosomal DNA sequences.