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But the 'akeke'e is vulnerable to avian malaria (which does not affect humans); it has seen a 90 percent plunge in its numbers over the last decade.
Avian malaria Plasmodium relictum in native Hawaiian forest birds: epizootiology and demographic impacts on Apapane Himatione sanguinea.
People aren't at risk: The 80-plus species of Plasmodium that cause avian malaria don't infect humans, nor do the five that cause human malaria affect birds.
Avian malaria is common in continental areas, but is often absent from isolated islands where mosquitoes are less prevalent.
Notably, phylogenetic comparison of 479 bp of the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene derived from protozoan cyst-like structures with known sequences of avian hematozoa found 99%-100% homology of parasites from both outbreaks with the avian malaria parasites (Haemoproteus spp.
And if a mosquito slips through, it will be only a matter of days before West Nile is all over the island," Daszak says, noting that avian malaria has already wiped out a third of the endemic bird species in Hawaii.
In Hawaii, avian malaria was thought to have caused the extinction of a number of native birds after humans introduced infected species.
Common medical problems diagnosed in penguin colonies maintained in zoologic collections are aspergillosis, avian malaria, bumblefoot, and vital encephalitis.
Avian malaria (Plasmodium relictum) prevalence is high in stable windward 'Oma'o populations (Atkinson and LaPointe 2009), and 'Oma'o in captivity quickly recover from experimental exposure to single infectious mosquito bites (Atkinson et al.
She added: "There is no risk to the public - avian malaria is a completely different strain to the human varieties.
Most penguin species are very susceptible to Plasmodium and avian malaria is a real problem in zoos, where it is a major problems in penguin exhibits," he added.
Avian malaria, a rather unknown but interesting paradigm, is discussed as well.
Even more ominously, global warming is pushing mosquito populations into the higher elevations, threatening native bird populations with avian malaria.
If the frogs control the mosquitoes, maybe native birds at lower elevations can be saved from avian malaria.
Avian malaria has been identified as one of the diseases to be tested for prior to translocations in New Zealand, with the aim of translocating disease-free individuals.