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Myxosarcomas associated with avian leukosis virus subgroup A infection in fancy breed chickens.
Neoplastic diseases: Marek's disease, avian leukosis and reticuloendotheliosis.
Myeloid leukemia and transmission of the HPRS- 103 strain of avian leukosis virus.
This lab continues its historical role as a leader in poultry tumor research, namely on Marek's disease, avian leukosis, and reticuloendotheliosis.
Most avian round cell tumors reported are lymphoid, largely because of viral infections that induce lymphoid neoplasia and other hematopoietic neoplasias in domestic poultry, namely Marek's disease virus and the leukosis/sarcoma group of viruses known as avian leukosis virus, and reticuloendotheliosis virus.
Examples of such contamination include simian virus in early polio vaccines grown on monkey kidney cells and avian leukosis virus (ALV) in yellow fever vaccines propagated in chick embryos (1).
Like AIDS, avian leukosis is caused by a retrovirus.
13-15) Additionally, mesotheliomas have been induced in chickens by several viruses, most notably a strain of avian leukosis virus.
Some 45 years ago, it was found that apparently healthy hens could transmit avian leukosis virus (ALV) vertically in eggs (4); later it was demonstrated that live virus vaccines made in CEF were contaminated with infectious ALV (5).
In the past 2 years, a new strain of avian leukosis virus has swept like wildfire through the broiler breeder chicken industry around the world.
13,14) Likewise, avian leukosis virus A, (15) reticuloendotheliosis virus, (16) avian influenza A.
In both cases, test results were negative for Marek's disease virus, avian leukosis virus, and reticuloendotheliosis virus.
10,11) Severe leukocytosis in birds is often associated with diseases such as aspergillosis, avian mycobacteriosis, salmonellosis, chlamydiosis, and sepsis, (12) but herpesviruses (ie, Marek disease) and retroviruses (ie, avian leukosis virus, reticuloendotheliosis virus) can specifically cause a lymphocytic leukocytosis in chickens.
In chickens, lymphoid neoplasia has been associated with infections by a herpes virus (Marek's disease), avian leukosis virus, and reticuloendotheliosis virus.
Several viral diseases can present with a marked lymphocytic leukocytosis such as avian leukosis virus, reticuloendotheliosis virus, and Marek disease, (10-14) but they are not generally associated with a strong heterophilic leukocytosis.