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In the UK, the avian flu scare went public after a vet in Nafferton, near Driffield in East Yorkshire, raised the alarm over a duck believed to have caught avian flu at a farm.
bg has published phone numbers for citizens to alert about suspicions of avian flu.
It was also impressed that the affected birds were culled and isolated to prevent further spread of avian flu.
Avian flu is an infectious disease caused by type-A strains of the influenza virus.
Recall of news coverage about avian flu has also declined, the survey indicated.
The findings have now been used to produce a strategy to combat avian flu and has reduced the chance of a large outbreak in the UK to almost zero.
Nearly a third (32%), however, would like to see avian flu given a greater focus.
At least 15 nations have restricted or banned free-range and backyard production of birds in an attempt to deal with avian flu on the ground, a move that ultimately may do more harm than good.
Despite the hundreds of thousands of birds which have been infected with H5N1 avian flu, there have only been 271 human cases worldwide, of which 165 were fatal, since it was first identified in 2003.
While avian flu may well prove to be the new Y2K bug, colleges and universities are wise to at least have a plan to deal with it and other health crises.
According to the latest World Health Organization data, there have been less than 300 reported cases of avian flu in humans worldwide, resulting in approximately 150 deaths.
Global Relief Technologies of Portsmouth has been retained by the Department of Defense to help track the occurrence of avian flu in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Rim.
When offered a 7-point scale that ranged from "not at all important" to "very important" to describe the priority that local television news should assign to addressing the "direct impact" of avian flu on one's own life and the lives of others, [approximately equal to] 80 % chose [greater than or equal to] 5.
CoreNet Global New York City Chapter recently took a strong leadership position with regard to disseminating information on pandemic planning for a potential outbreak of Avian flu, a need government and health agencies deem "critical".
That episode caused an estimated 40 million to 50 million deaths worldwide and, like the current avian flu virus, was unusual in that it killed young, strong people as easily as the old and sick that are the usual victims of "normal" flu strains.
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