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Synonyms for Avestan

an ancient Iranian language


the script in which the ancient Persian language of the Avesta is written

Related Words

of or pertaining to the Avesta (sacred text of Zoroastrianism)

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For this reason, a detailed investigation of the phenomenon as a whole is also of distinct benefit for our understanding of the Old Avestan language and our interpretation of the texts.
This very notion of grammatical knowledge of the Avestan language by the Pahlavi translators constitutes one of the author's main theses, which he fully develops in chapter 5.
Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this study is the attempt to work out a relative chronology for the changes that resulted in the spellings of the archetype manuscript and its much later descendants, which provide our only source for the Avestan language.
Scholars of Zoroastrianism have been quick to dismiss the Zand as a product of medieval magi who poorly comprehended the Avestan language.
Both Avestan languages can be ranged linguistically with the eastern Iranian languages known from historical times, although the precise location cannot be specified.