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Arabian philosopher born in Spain

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17) Since our concerns in this essay are more theoretical and systematic than historical, this section will focus on Aquinas's main arguments against Averroes and his followers in this short treatise, supplemented by parallel passages in Aquinas's other works.
La narrativa prosigue despuAaAaAeA@s con episodios que permitirAaAaAeA an al protagon descifrar el sentido de su problema filolAaAaAeA gico, pero lo cierto es q Averroes no alcanza ese desciframiento.
On one hand, the philosophers in the Arabic language are defending and proposing a pagan knowledge, and they argue in many ways, most famously in the treatise by Averroes, for not only the possibility but the necessity of continuing philosophy in Arabic, as falsafa , as hikma.
lt;<Droit et philosophie au XII siecle dans al-Andalus: Averroes 'Ibn Rushd'>>, in Revue de l'Occident musulman et de la Mediterranee, N.
So, from this first alteration, the suppression of the actual duality essence-existence in the celestial bodies, Averroes rethinks the kind of causal relation involved in creation.
Keywords: Abrahamic traditions, Thomas Aquinas, Avicenna, Averroes, Avempace, Maimonides, Late Antiquity, Jewish philosophy, Islamic philosophy.
En terminos generales, el Fasl sugiere que la filosofia y la religion representan diferentes tipos de racionalidad; por ello, pareceria que la intencion de Averroes no es defender la unidad de la verdad y que, por lo tanto, seria correcto concluir que fue partidario de la conocida doctrina de la doble verdad.
Azoulay a releve que cette distinction est pleine de sens au vu de la carriere, de l'oeuvre et de l'humanisme des deux personnalites distinguees par le Prix Averroes, qui est aussi un hommage a ce pionnier de la pensee arabo-islamique qui a su conjuguer la foi et la raison.
El autor observa que muy probablemente Ibn Jaldun conocio en su juventud los comentarios de Averroes a algunas obras logicas de Aristoteles, a la Fisica y a la Metafisica.
After discussing ancient counterfactual hypotheses, the authors explicate the views on impossible propositions and indirect proofs by the twelfth century Islamic philosopher Averroes.
The AVERROES trial recruited 5, 599 subjects (mean age 70 years) non valvular atrial fibrillation patients in whom Vitamin K antagonists were contraindicated and they had a mean CHADS2 of 2.
It included two landmark Phase 3 studies, namely ARISTOTLE and AVERROES, in patients with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation and at least one additional risk factor for stroke.
The so-called golden age of Arabic thought, which includes Avicenna and Averroes, is fairly well known, but if we move a little bit closer to the present time there are almost no studies at all.
Keep it in the family Last season Averroes won for Clive Cox and jockey Mirco Demuro.
The conference which was organised by the Centre of Studies on Islam and Democracy and the Averroes Forum, was attended by university professors, journalists, political parties' representatives and national personalities.