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United States financier who negotiated a treaty with the Soviet Union banning tests of nuclear weapons (1891-1986)

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Averell Harriman died in Yorktown Heights, N.Y., at age 94.
Tarling well understands that despite diligent, patient, and often astute representations by British diplomats, the crucial changes were beyond their control: the shift in policy from the Eisenhower to the Kennedy administrations, the emergence of Averell Harriman as American point man on the negotiations, and President Kennedy's sensitivity to domestic pressure on foreign policy.
Kenneth Rush, former deputy secretary of State and ambassador to Germany, became the founding co-chairman, and early members included such luminaries as Angier Biddle Duke, Averell Harriman, John Sherman Cooper and Ellsworth Bunker.
Costigliola's book mines some unexploited sources, including the diaries and correspondence of various women, an underappreciated oral history given by Averell Harriman, and diaries maintained by Maisky, Litvinov, and Gromyko.
Marshall Fields, Averell Harriman, Jay Carlisle and others were among these American luminaries.
Averell Harriman, John Kenneth Galbraith, Shirley Temple Black, Dr.
Averell Harriman was supposedly the first Macy's customer to buy a Crosley.
He kept the company of such great American statesmen and presidential advisers as Averell Harriman, Clark Clifford and Cyrus Vance.
"Bobbie" Lehman, who joined the firm in 1919, when he was in his late 20s, was a Yale friend of Averell Harriman and a polo player, fly fisherman and duck hunter; he and Harriman were lifelong friends and business partners.
PIONEER: Captain James Percy EARLY FLIGHT: Top, a Canopus; above a Cirrus Moth; far left a Constellation; left Winston Churchill with Averell Harriman and Josef Stalin
They include Frank Lowe, Averell Harriman, Ned Almond, Matthew Ridgway, Dean Acheson, George Marshall, Joe Martin, and Robert Taft, to name a few.
Murrow, the head of CBS News in Europe; and Averell Harriman, the U.S.
He also wrote speeches for many politicians including Hubert Humphrey, Averell Harriman, and Nelson Rockefeller, as well as for William S.
ambassador Averell Harriman went to the Kremlin to convey the news.