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total cost for all units bought (or produced) divided by the number of units

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6 shows the variation of the average total costs per unit of time and part according to time in the case of [C.
The average total costs via the other two approaches all decrease with the increase of the scale of [G.
By March 2005, when all costs were presumably accounted for, average total costs of compliance had ballooned to $4.
The average total cost of hospitalization for the 304 patients was $1,242 per day during the 20 days prior to the start of palliative care and $753 per day during the 20 days after palliative care began--an estimated cost savings of $489 per day for each patient.
The numbers listed in each state from top to bottom represent sanded, specialty, and sheathing plywood average total costs of production.
With the exception of HOPE VI, the average total costs are very similar across production programs.
The average total costs at 6 months were almost equivalent for the invasive and conservative strategies ($21,813 vs $21,277, respectively).
Because these methods average total costs (including, for example, raw materials in determining the turn-rate inherent in the methods), they are generally viewed as resulting in higher taxable income.
As shown in Figure 2, according to this school of thought, the firm simultaneously competing with the differentiation strategy and the low cost strategy would have average total costs (ATC) that are comprised of relatively higher average transaction-costs (ATRC) -- higher costs involved in a number of functional areas in order to support the differentiation -- and relatively lower average production costs (APC), whereas ideally producing at quantity (Q) and cost (C).
Average total costs for the medium cost mine are $330/oz.
If economies of scale do exist in an industry, then as production rises, average total costs should fall.
This helps maintain customer service levels while minimizing average total costs such as ordering, inventory holding and backorder penalty costs.