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total cost for all units bought (or produced) divided by the number of units

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The total average cost per conventional slide (R64; 95% confidence interval (CI) 59-69) was approximately R21 less than the average total cost per LBC slide (R85; 95% CI 77-92).
The average total cost of the selected cases was pounds 5,860 for six months, which translates into pounds 11,720 for a year.
The average total cost per active case in FY 2005-06 was $38,422 for CCRCs and $24,428 for registry attorneys.
Texas has the nation's highest average total cost per claim and in New York, Tennessee, and Florida costs are increasing at an accelerated pace.
The average total cost of hospitalization for the 304 patients was $1,242 per day during the 20 days prior to the start of palliative care and $753 per day during the 20 days after palliative care began--an estimated cost savings of $489 per day for each patient.
According to Rendell, the increased purchases will only be approved if the total cost of ownership does not exceed the average total cost of ownership of the rest of the conventional Department of General Services (DGS) fleet.
The average total cost of production across all farms surveyed was 137p/kg liveweight, covering 79% of the total costs (with market returns of 108 pence per kg liveweight).
From birth to potty the average total cost of disposable nappies for one baby is about pounds 1,000, compared to pounds 250 for cotton nappies.
We've got a milk price of 18-19 pence per litre and an average total cost of production in most areas of 21-22 pence.
The average total cost of an electronic health record (EHR) for a typical three-doctor practice--under $10,000 per doctor per year--is approaching affordability for many small practices, a recent survey shows.
The survey also found that the average total cost of health benefits (medical and dental) for active employees rose to $6,679 per employee in 2004 from $6,215 in 2003.
Figure 2 illustrates hypothetical plant locations and average total cost of production assumed at each plant.
Considering that average out-of-pocket expenses are $1,495, the average total cost of identity theft comes to $16,000.
However, the College Board also calculated the average total cost of attending a two-year college full time--including tuition, fees, room and board, and after accounting for grants and education tax benefits.
City officials estimate the average total cost for the city to provide refuse collection and equipment for a house in Los Angeles is $34.