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rate used to calculate tax liability

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That is, the fluctuation penalty is reported as the increase in a taxpayer's average tax rate as a result of having an uneven flow of income.
5 percent, or 6 percent higher than the average tax rate in the Asia Pacific.
With reduction in tax rates and removal of exemptions, the average tax rate would go up, reducing the need for high MAT rates," says Mohandas Pai, Chairman, Manipal Global Education, and a member of the Kelkar Committee on tax reforms.
business sector as a whole pays an average tax rate of 24.
1bn (EUR2bn) just in corporate taxes in the European Union, with an average tax rate of almost 27%.
1 billion euros in corporate taxes in the EU from 2010 to 2014, with an average tax rate of nearly 27 percent.
1 billion just in corporate taxes in the European Union, with an average tax rate of almost 27 percent," the company (http://www.
1) While the PIT system remained unchanged before 2005, as average personal income increased, the increasing average tax rate expanded the income redistribution effect of PIT (measured as the Musgrave and Thin [MT] index, which is the difference between the pre- and post-Gini Index) despite the decrease in tax progressivity (measured as the Kakwani Index).
A positive (negative) value of the other effect implies that the average tax rate of a given income group would have increased (decreased) in the absence of direct policy changes.
93, which means the average tax rate in Sterling will increase $187 per year.
Taxes are progressive when along the growth of the taxation base the extreme tax rate is higher than the average tax rate or when the flexibility of the average tax against the taxation base e (t1, Y) is above zero.
And at state and local levels, while the poorest fifth of Americans pay an average tax rate of over 11 percent, the richest one percent of the country pay--are you ready for this?
In a progressive tax system, the average tax rate rises with income.
They are the cost of capital, the effective marginal tax rate (EMTR) and the effective average tax rate (EATR), according to the Devereux-Griffith methodology.
A weighted average tax rate of 24% on ATF prices across various stations in India is among the highest in the world and constitutes the biggest hurdle for domestic carriers in their quest for long term profitable growth.