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rate used to calculate tax liability

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Average rates on new card offers are currently at their lowest point in more than a year.
Panamax TC average rates will remain around $5,000-10,000 per day.
Hoteliers yielded the highest growth in average rates from the MICE segment, where ARR increased 18.
However, consumers keen to borrow smaller amounts pay considerably more, with average rates on pounds 3,000 at their highest for six months.
Georgia's banks had better average rates on their mortgages at 4.
From 1990 through 1995, the average rate of growth of the population was 1.
The lowest average rates according to the listing are:
Over a 12-month period including June 2001, lowest average rates were registered in the United Kingdom (1%), Sweden and France (1.
will increase average rates by 40 yen in the same period, and Toho Gas Co.
Declines in rates were shown in art, celebrity/estates and fashion, while increases were reported in average rates for entertainment/character, non-profit, sports, trademark/brand and toys/games.
Nearly all members who responded indicated that - despite the questionable policy decision to exclude noninterest bearing liabilities from the denominator of the interest rate determination and the corresponding increase in the rate of interest capitalization - their weighted average rates approached, but did not exceed, the long-term AFR.
Since the second quarter of last year, average rates increased only 1.
Third, the apparent differences in the average rates of return on different real and financial international claims and liabilities, discussed above and shown in table 9, suggest that any shift away from direct investment inflows as a counterpart to the current account deficit is likely to imply higher net investment income payments.
Average rates on new card offers are currently near record highs and show few signs of falling significantly any time soon.
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