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an expected time to live as calculated on the basis of statistical probabilities

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The site offers pet owners the opportunity to view the pet population, spay/neuter rates, most popular breed types, average lifespan and prevalence on a state-by-state basis for the most common diseases and conditions affecting pets including: overweight/obesity, arthritis, kidney disease, thyroid disease, heart disease, dental disease, otitis externa (ear infection), flea and tick, intestinal parasites, heartworm infection and diabetes.
The research lab also revealed that the average lifespan of 54 percent of malware has been reduced to just 24 hours, compared to a lifespan of several months that was more common in previous years.
An oystercatcher found in Lincolnshire was a record 36 years old, and a razorbill, average lifespan 28 years, was discovered alive in Gwynedd 37 years after it was ringed.
By the end of the study the newts were 30 years old, five years older than their average lifespan in the wild.
Caloric restriction is the only dietary intervention proven to increase both maximum and average lifespan in mammals, as well delaying age-related diseases.
The accident comes after the council said half its 30,000 lights had passed their average lifespan of 25 years.
The average lifespan for someone with Down's syndrome is now 60 years.
Remember, the average lifespan at the turn of this century was only 47.
5 billion, which is now behind us, resulting in a satellite fleet with the greatest average lifespan in the industry.
Now, researchers from the Chinese University of Hong Kong have reported the first evidence that the antioxidants abundant in the fruit could help extend the average lifespan by at least 10 percent.
The process is a gradual one, as the average lifespan of a $20 bill is about two years, and old notes in good condition will continue to be circulated along with with the new $20s.
Depending on the genes the beetles had and their reproductive behaviour, some lived up to six days longer than others - significant in an average lifespan of 20 days.
If they reach their average lifespan of one year, many will be bald and have abnormal behaviour.
Right now, the average lifespan in Western countries is about 80, but there are too many people who are only healthy until about age 50," said Fontana.