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an expected time to live as calculated on the basis of statistical probabilities

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Men have a shorter average life span than women and both the incidence and mortality in cancer is higher in men than in women.
The new lights are expected to save more than PS100,000, over the average life span of a decade.
The average life span of buildings in Saudi Arabia is between 25 and 50 years, as against 100 years in other countries, a top official was quoted as saying.
As of 2012, the average life span of Japanese women stood at 86.
Israel's high ranking on the list was due largely to Israelis' long average life span of 81.
Then the increasing problem of a dearth of hospital beds which will get worse as our average life span increases and the population continues to grow.
Creevy notes that the average life span seen in this study is likely lower than what would be observed in the population of dogs at large.
The lower concentration of resveratrol was associated with a 38% increase in average life span and the higher concentration with a 33% increase under normal oxygen conditions.
Male mice that overproduced the hormone had about a 30 percent increase in average life span and female mice had about a 40 percent increase in average life span," said senior author Dr.
The average life span of a wild chimpanzee is around 45 years.
A recent study in America concludes that chronically cheerful people have a shorter than average life span - well my friend is eighty, so he must be a special case
The new PayCheck 4 has an average life span of 640,000 slot-type tickets, double that of other printers.
The average life span of cars in Europe is around 10-12 years, so brave decisions now can have a great impact.
A 'Fast Facts' table presents information about a black bear's height, weight, length, diet, and average life span (up to 34 years
Mike, 65, said: "It's five years since I was diagnosed with motor neurone disease and told the average life span was two to five years.