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the arithmetic mean of the absolute values of deviations from the mean of a distribution

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Figure 5 and Figure 6 show the comparison for load average deviations of CPU occupancy rates and memory utilization rates among adaptive genetic algorithm of service selection (AGA), common genetic selection (GA) and random selection algorithm (RA).
And the average deviation which has calculated among real variable average and the rate average equal to 0.
The price amplitude, normalized average bias, normalized average deviation, and turnover of X and Y in Taxy and Holdy, shown in Table 2, are only slightly smaller than those in SdurSdiv.
From the accuracy test results (see Figure 5(a)), it can be found that the average deviation of frame rate at 2 and 3 per second are close to 0 while others are larger than 0.
Extreme deviations, which will be discussed in the next section, led to the quite high average deviations between the measured and calculated values of about 35%-40% by both models.
2] Average deviation ratio: Prediction: Deviation ratio Agent Experiment: Profit Average profit distribution distributions rules N = 48 N = 40 OOCS ADMCS OOCS ADMCS (rational) P 45.
Table 3 shows the average deviations for each of the five prediction years for the industry-specific DWPDs.
The DDR[R] trained group showed significant improvement in the average displacement from the force plate platform center on the y-axis, as well as, the average deviation of the center of pressure (COP) from the y centroid of the base of support (BOS) at (p = 0.
In neither market is the average deviation in makeups more than two and a half times greater than it is in the goals supremacy market.
The average positive price deviation is the average deviation in price above fundamental value (max(0, ([P.
It should be noticed that the Lydersen and the Joback-Reid methods employ the normal boiling temperature to estimate the critical temperature, reason that explains the low average deviation in the prediction of this property.
The results revealed that 90 percent of the vehicles experienced mileage worse than the current EPA estimate, by an average of four mpg and an average deviation of 15.
As shown in Table 1, the total average deviation of the polymer compound with 20 wt% added glass beads was about 13 [micro]m.
The average deviation for each of the equations was computed by subtracting each opposition surge value from the opposition surge value computed in the equation.
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