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the arithmetic mean of the absolute values of deviations from the mean of a distribution

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Figure 5 and Figure 6 show the comparison for load average deviations of CPU occupancy rates and memory utilization rates among adaptive genetic algorithm of service selection (AGA), common genetic selection (GA) and random selection algorithm (RA).
And the average deviation which has calculated among real variable average and the rate average equal to 0.
The price amplitude, normalized average bias, normalized average deviation, and turnover of X and Y in Taxy and Holdy, shown in Table 2, are only slightly smaller than those in SdurSdiv.
Although there were no mean differences between estimates, the average deviation of the individual scores from the regression line (SEE) was 6.
Once numbers are added in the numerator an average is calculated divided by the denominator of the average deviation of each number from the mean.
For a 12-foot crossing, no individual had an average deviation across the five trials that was greater than 3 feet in the bar tile, APS, guidestrip, or edgestrips conditions.
Both models had a quite high average deviation of over 30%.
The ST-4 well was designed and successfully drilled as a deviated well bore through the Upper Ordovician, penetrating 364m of the objective Bir Ben Tartar Formation at an average deviation angle of 77 degrees.
0 N 20 20 20 20 Table 3 Average deviation between predicted and actual DWPDs in percentage for 5 year predictions (base years 1988-2003) Industry Measure Prediction period (t + k) where k is Industries with individual models 1 2 3 4 5 Sum Manufacturing Average deviation 0.
Where Ra is the arithmetic average deviation from the mean line, L is sampling length and Y represents the ordinate of the profile curve.
The DDR[R] trained group showed significant improvement in the average displacement from the force plate platform center on the y-axis, as well as, the average deviation of the center of pressure (COP) from the y centroid of the base of support (BOS) at (p = 0.
Also, compare these with average payout per closed file to detect the average deviation between initial reserve and final payment.
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