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Synonyms for census

a periodic count of the population

conduct a census

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Recommendation: To enhance information available for congressional oversight and use by stakeholders on VA's spending and workload for mental health services, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs should include workload information, including number of encounters and average daily census, by type of service, for mental health services provided in VA settings primarily used for providing mental health services with its presentation of mental health spending in its annual congressional budget justification.
In mergers involving hospitals of different ownership, the general trend toward increasing ratios of nurses per average daily census was blunted after the merger.
The Staffing Matrix is used as the primary guide to determine the staffing and skill mix levels, driven by the average daily census.
Patient days at Sacred Heart increased from 109,400 in 2003 to 113,600 in 2004, a 4 percent increase, and the average daily census increased from 300 to 310, said Rutledge, the association president.
He reported that the average daily census at the shelter, operated by the South Middlesex Opportunity Council, was 80 for the month of June.
Our average daily census for the second quarter of 2008 was 12,212, inclusive of our VistaCare programs.
We are pleased to expand our footprint in Michigan through the addition of Avalon Hospice, a non-profit hospice program with an average daily census of approximately 80 patients and a proven track record for delivering the highest level of hospice services," said Robert A.
Accordingly, Concord has shown consistent utilization statistics with an average occupancy of 82% and average daily census of 168 over the last five fiscal years.
At the conclusion of the third quarter of 2006, VITAS reported an average daily census of 11,213.
With an average daily census of 530, the Healthcare Network employs over 9,000 professionals.
Generations Healthcare has an average daily census of approximately 55, and we look forward to working with the caregivers and support staff to expand the scope of services offered to the area.