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Synonyms for census

a periodic count of the population

conduct a census

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Recommendation: To enhance information available for congressional oversight and use by stakeholders on VA's spending and workload for mental health services, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs should include workload information, including number of encounters and average daily census, by type of service, for mental health services provided in VA settings primarily used for providing mental health services with its presentation of mental health spending in its annual congressional budget justification.
1) We calculated annual patient days by multiplying the program's average daily census of methadone patients by 365 days.
We ask Congress to maintain the VA nursing-home average daily census (ADC) capacity mandate stipulated by the Veterans Millennium Health Care and Benefits Act, which requires VA to maintain an ADC of 13,391.
McKenzie-Willamette's average daily census was 49 in 2004, down from 54 in 2003.
Pharmacy systems have been developed for correctional and institutional facilities with an average daily census ranging from 60 to 10,000 individuals.
The budgeted FTEs are primarily driven by the projected average daily census (ADC) range for this facility.
The average daily census [of patients] has grown by 20-25 percent during the last 12 months.
The Canadian medium-sized hospital in 1989 with an average daily census of 200.
non-MSA) hospitals with average daily census of fewer than 10.
This acquisition adds three Central-Alabama locations serving ten counties to VITAS's network of hospice programs and adds approximately 80 patients to VITAS's average daily census.
Merely staffing to average daily census creates shortages when census rises and excess resources when census falls.
CVH's average daily census has also doubled (significantly more than the projected 6 percent growth) while patient care volumes and market capture have also significantly surpassed projections in every service line.