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Synonyms for avenue

Synonyms for avenue

Synonyms for avenue

a line of approach

a wide street or thoroughfare


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Along the close-cropped sward which paves the avenue ground fliers were moving in continuous lines in opposite directions.
Scarcely had Vas Kor taken his seat when the flier went quickly into the fast-moving procession, turning presently from the broad and crowded avenue into a less congested street.
I did not saddle or mount the animals there, but instead walked quietly in the shadows of the buildings toward an unfrequented avenue which led toward the point I had arranged to meet Dejah Thoris and Sola.
I had entered the city from the south and now stood on the corner of the avenue through which I had passed and the first intersecting avenue south of the plaza.
The three had evidently left the floor by this avenue.
As Turan proceeded along the avenue he passed other sentries beside other doors but now he gave them small heed, since they neither challenged nor otherwise outwardly noted his passing; but while at nearly every turn of the erratic avenue he passed one or more of these silent sentinels he could not guess that he had passed one of them many times and that his every move was watched by silent, clever stalkers.
Presently from along the avenue before him came the familiar sound of clanking accouterments, the herald of marching warriors, and almost simultaneously he saw upon his right an open doorway dimly lighted from within.
Sheldon happened to be looking in his direction at the moment he came into view, peering quickly up and down the avenue before he stepped into the open.
Especially on this Avenue of Pinehursts and Elmwolds and Cedarcrofts?
Granet walked slowly up the avenue, his hands behind him, a frown upon his forehead.
Granet was conducted almost stealthily down the stairs and into the avenue.
Up the avenue there plodded slowly a man with sullen eyes.
Opening this also, she ran down the avenue, never lessening her speed till she stood outside the door of Lesser Hill.
Run on, dear; you know the way to where the avenue joins the highroad.
Walking straight up from the station, she crossed the village green and entered the long chestnut avenue that connects it with the church.