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  • verb

Synonyms for avenge

get revenge for


  • get revenge for
  • revenge
  • repay
  • retaliate for
  • take revenge for
  • hit back for
  • requite
  • pay (someone) back for
  • get even for
  • even the score for
  • get your own back for
  • take vengeance for
  • take satisfaction for
  • pay (someone) back in his or her own coin for

Synonyms for avenge

to exact revenge for or from

Synonyms for avenge

take revenge for a perceived wrong

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The Aussie actor has starred as the mighty god of thunder in three standalone movies and three Avengers films.
The tail was redesigned to add a dorsal fin for stability, and thus the size and shape of all future Avengers was decided.
The brand, which has fostered a strong association with video gaming, is next week kicking off an on-pack promotion themed around Marvel's upcoming The Avengers superhero movie.
Some called the idea dumb, grossly misplaced, poor and a terrible way to introduce the Avengers movie, due out in 2011.
Coupled with the Utah Blaze's 62-45victory at Arizona late Saturday night, the Avengers saw their postseason hopes end for 2008.
The original Shooting Game made by Merit is very rare, whilst the later New Avengers shooting game by Denys Fisher makes pounds 125.
That let, you keep your Avenger on the road until you can get a new bracket, which come, with PN 13502309.
When VC-7 arrived aboard Manila Bay at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, a month later, our rocket-equipped Avengers became a source of interest to the Navy brass there.
The Avengers category includes the following films: The Avengers Iron Man 2 The Incredible Hulk (2008)
Marvel's The Avengers has posted the biggest domestic opening weekend of all time with $207.
com/avengers-infinity-war-will-be-end-some-superheroes-who-will-leave-2557677) Avengers taking sides after the government decided superheroes couldn't make choices independently anymore.
Philadelphia wide receiver Chris Jackson had 10catches for 167 yards and six touchdowns, as the Soul routed the Avengers 71-34 at Staples Center in front of an announced crowd of 13,398.
PLANO, Texas -- Dr Pepper and Marvel are assembling the greatest collection of collectible cans featuring the latest Super Hero adventure, "Marvel's The Avengers.
The Avengers will return on the big screen in the upcoming film "Avengers: Infinity War.