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  • verb

Synonyms for avenge

get revenge for


  • get revenge for
  • revenge
  • repay
  • retaliate for
  • take revenge for
  • hit back for
  • requite
  • pay (someone) back for
  • get even for
  • even the score for
  • get your own back for
  • take vengeance for
  • take satisfaction for
  • pay (someone) back in his or her own coin for

Synonyms for avenge

to exact revenge for or from

Synonyms for avenge

take revenge for a perceived wrong

References in classic literature ?
The Golden Age was first created, which without any avenger Spontaneously without law cherished fidelity and rectitude.
Canst thou be judge for thyself, and avenger of thy law?
Terrible is aloneness with the judge and avenger of one's own law.
Both might be called without restraint; the one being above, the other beyond the reach of the law--brave, because they were inured to dangers--proud, because they were independent, and vindictive, because each was the avenger of his own wrongs.
He had no remorse; but the evildoer who can hold that avenger at bay, cannot escape the slower torture of incessantly doing the evil deed again and doing it more efficiently.
Again the avenger had been foiled, and again his concentrated hatred urged him to continue the pursuit.
This leads to his murder by someone who is, we will suppose, an avenger, someone from outside.
Before this avenger got away, Barker and the wife had reached the room.
The shadow of the Saxon hero-king still walks there fitfully, reviewing the scenes of his youth and love-time, and is met by the gloomier shadow of the dreadful heathen Dane, who was stabbed in the midst of his warriors by the sword of an invisible avenger, and who rises on autumn evenings like a white mist from his tumulus on the hill, and hovers in the court of the old hall by the river-side, the spot where he was thus miraculously slain in the days before the old hall was built.
The excessive audacity of this retort so overpowered Mr Chuckster, and so moved his tender regard for his friend's honour, that he declared, if he were not restrained by official considerations, he must certainly have annihilated Kit upon the spot; a resentment of the affront which he did consider, under the extraordinary circumstances of aggravation attending it, could but have met with the proper sanction and approval of a jury of Englishmen, who, he had no doubt, would have returned a verdict of justifiable Homicide, coupled with a high testimony to the morals and character of the Avenger.
This showed what a blue-collar team we are,'' Avengers lineman Silas Demary said.
Mark Ruffalo: Avengers 2 Star Tease about Marvel Considering Standalone Hulk Film - [(http://au.
The recently captured images of Chris Hemsworth, 30, reveal the new look of Thor's costume in Avengers 2.
The Avengers clinched their first Western Division title, but they kept their fans in suspense during a back- and-forth encounter with the Las Vegas Gladiators.
Director Joss Whedon earlier told that they are creating their own version of Ultron's origin story which will "come directly from The Avengers we already know about" (via (http://sciencefiction.