Avena barbata

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oat of southern Europe and southwestern Asia

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For example, in Avena barbata there is a strong association between reproductive morphology and genetic markers, and both of these are geographically structured and correlated with environmental variables (de la Vega et al.
Others, such as that of seed morphology of Avena barbata or Mimulus have found correlations of morphology and isozymes (Vickery 1990; de la Vega et al.
Patterns of genetic differentiation in the slender wild oat species Avena barbata. Proc.
Multilocus genetic structure of ancestral Spanish and colonial Californian populations of Avena barbata. PNAS USA 88:1202-1206.
other species: Companions: Hypochaeris glabra, Silene gallica, Avena barbata, Bromus madritensis, Gaudinia fragilis and Galactites elegans+, Brassica fruticulosa 1, in 1; Foeniculum vulgare, Lobularia maritima, Trifolium angustifolium, T.