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On the contrary, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals dismissed Medellin's application for state habeas corpus relief, holding, inter alia, that the Avena decision and the President's determination do not constitute binding federal law and therefore do not preempt the State's prohibition against the filing of successive applications for state habeas corpus relief.
The cost to Texas of complying with Avena would be minimal, particularly given the remote likelihood that the violation of the Vienna Convention actually prejudiced [Medellin].
The Avena decision represents an obligation for the United States in international law, but one that is more demanding than the one at stake in Breard.
He is for the poor and many Filipinos are poor," Avena told the Star.
Today Avena, 48, shares his life with wife Sheri and twin daughters Ava and Grace, and owns and operates Coast Closets LLC, a custom closet design and installation business he launched six years ago.
1069 (2001), and the Case Concerning Avena and Other Mexican Nationals (Mex.
Avena had the potential for making an impact greater than Atkins v.
Ernesta Avena, 20, was killed three days later outside a Columbus Avenue apartment complex, a gang-related shooting that police believe was a targeted hit.
According to co-owner and president Angelo Avena, the company likes to locate its stores in "villages," meaning working- and middle-class residential neighborhoods that aren't inundated with large stores.
Chill Out contains mangoes and oranges plus a herb called avena sativa.
This is a mixture of avena sativa and Siberian ginseng, which has a balancing effect on female hormones and boosts energy.
She writes and translates for Adista, an Italian news agency that does considerable -- and impressive -- coverage of the Vatican under the editorial direction of Giovanni Avena and Eletta Cucuzza.
The couple had three children - the late Lady Jane Cameron, Lady Avena Maxwell and Viscount Petersham, heir to the Earl of Harrington.