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Synonyms for avatar

a new personification of a familiar idea

the manifestation of a Hindu deity (especially Vishnu) in human or superhuman or animal form

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Based on these preliminary results, it seems likely that virtual reality users may adjust their identity to be consistent with that of their avatars.
The 3D avatars will appear in the AIM chat window performing animations that users have chosen and can be viewed by the AIM user and the AIM buddies with whom the user is chatting.
Moreover, Facebook users can see their friends' avatars and share their own.
com users to seamlessly upload their Meez avatars directly to Photobucket, enabling them to store limitless variations of their Meez digital character in their Photobucket albums.
The user visited 2ndMe Store to purchase some apparel for his Second Life avatar and received a promo-code from 2ndMe Team for free photo-to-avatar conversion as a gift.
With free membership, players can enjoy private and public game rooms, multi-player chat, and sophisticated personalization capabilities such as avatar creation and item-level purchases for game play enhancement.
In San Francisco, over at consumer avatar service Meez, avatar and commercial actor Roscoe Meez was gushing over his new role.
The innovative mobile game, which lets avatars -- or virtual characters -- live on user's cell phones, will be available in the U.
com, an online leader in one-stop comparison shopping for cell phones and wireless service plans, today launched U-DOO, the first-ever 'build-your-own' ringtone application that allows users to download talking avatars to their wireless devices for use as ringtones.
com[TM] kicked off Pogo Gems[TM], a brand new virtual point system that Club Pogo players can use to acquire extra special items such as Premium Badge Albums, Mix-n-Match Badge Albums and Pogo Mini add-ons to enhance their online avatars.
3B Adds a Rich Compelling 3D Experience to Existing Media Sharing, Photo & Video Sites, Blogs, Conventional Sites and More; Adds Personalized Avatars to Enhance Environment
Avatars often compliment the information on a web page by delivering high level product information and special promotions.
3Dmsg's avatars are created with the most accurate lip-synchronization technology on the market, using a patented scheme that morphs between visemes (visual phonemes), providing accuracy that is precise enough for even lip readers to understand.