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Synonyms for avant-garde

Synonyms for avant-garde

any creative group active in the innovation and application of new concepts and techniques in a given field (especially in the arts)

radically new or original


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Building on existing feminist scholarship, which has already begun to explore how women artists accessed art education, and how they negotiated a relationship to avantgarde art movements in Paris in the early years of the twentieth century, Birnbaum focuses her analysis upon the all-women exhibiting group known as the Societe des femmes artistes modernes (or FAM).
Since one of the truisms of avantgarde art has been to abolish the alleged separation between art and life, aesthetics and politics, Antliff's ultimate insistence upon this separation suggests the need for further study of the historical impression left by the Sorelian fascists in wartime and post-Vichy France.
intellectual crisis this new avantgarde art hoped to maintain a
Rejecting conventional business practices, Wilson and company ran Factory Records like an avantgarde art movement: With its groundbreaking graphic design and cryptic references to the Situationist International, it would forever change the landscape for independent labels.
1938 Katz Gregoire Colin Mila Anouk Grinberg Felix Xavier Beauvois Blaise Frederic Pierrot Klement Martial Di Fonzo Bo Jacques Mornard Redjep Mitrovitsa 1989 Lourcet Michel Duchassoy Louise Brigitte Catillon Old Blaise Yves Robert Vacek Serge Avedikian Sex, politics, mystery, avantgarde art -- this is the sort of French film that would have had no trouble finding an American distributor 20 years ago.