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Synonyms for avocado

a pear-shaped tropical fruit with green or blackish skin and rich yellowish pulp enclosing a single large seed

tropical American tree bearing large pulpy green fruits

of the dull yellowish green of the meat of an avocado

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The recipesthemselves are drawn from every region of the world and range from Shiso Leaf Tomato (Japan); Verde Trio Salsa (Mexico); Chimichurri (Argentina); and Avacado, Bacon, Jalapeno (Texas); to Som Tom (Northeast Thailand); Watermelon Barbecue (Southern United States);Laos Charred Eggplant (Laos); and Lhasa yellow Achar (Tibet).
DONATED Helena Seget with her rat 'Tony Blair' and the Avacado 2 work created by the rat knawing at everyday items
13Food Michael Kilkie tosses together a delicious honey and mustard chicken and avacado salad.
Set Stimuli Used for Participant A Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Community Helpers Ballerina Stewardess Football Player Photographer Computer Tech Electrician Fisherman Cab Driver Scientist Barber Hockey Player Painter Transportation Ambulance Scooter Buggy Motorboat Wheelchair Sled Ferry Crane Rocket Canoe Snowmobile Forklift Animals Platypus Squid Coyote Ostrich Guinea pig Leopard Seahorse Anteater Mere cat Buffalo Iguana Slug Instruments Harp Bongo Fiddle Choir Recorder Tuba Drums Saxophone Harmonica Cello Tambourine Banjo Food Sour Sap Taco Sushi Toddy Palm Fortune Cookie Burrito Mangosteen Avacado Pomegranate Dragon Fruit Pear Cauliflower Table 3.
Lunch included some typical Ecuadorian dishes such as potato soup with added cheese and slices of avacado and also Fritada, a combination of pork, banana, corn and beans.
Answers: 1) Gnasher, 2) Venus, 3) Ice hockey, 4) Dutch, 5) Shane Warne, 6) Japan, 7) Aquarius, 8) Florence Nightingale, 9) Berlin, 10) Avacado Pear.
As was my friend's smoked chicken, avacado and almond creation, pounds 5.