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(astronomy) the equinoctial point that lies in the constellation of Virgo

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25 PER MIN CANCER JUNE 22 - JULY 23 Thursday sees communications and travel planet Mercury moving forward, ending delays, while also ushering in the autumn equinox, marking the annual shift of focus towards the roots of your life, and for some, to plans for improvements and moves to more spacious or better-fitting accommodation.
The period between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice includes a break between the summer and winter crops as well as the winter sowing season.
There was also another Gorsedd there the same year, on the autumn equinox.
According to IES, its new solar arc tool visualizes the sun's position in the sky in relation to the 3D model and the user can choose to toggle on or off views which show azimuth, altitude, defined time, sun rise and sun set times, autumn equinox, and summer and winter solstices.
New Delhi, Delhi, September 23, 2011 /India PRwire/ - On this day, SPACE invited school students to witness the Autumn Equinox as it is one of the best occasions for all of us to celebrate this wonderful phenomenon using the ancient instruments at Jantar Mantar.
This autumn sees the ever popular Autumn Equinox Sky Camp at Kelling Heath in Norfolk, with the main weekend on September 24-25--this camp gets booked very quickly, but there may be some cancellations available.
This autumn equinox A harvest of deceit Leaves the ground rugged.
uk AUTUMN EQUINOX SKY CAMP Kelling Heath Holiday Park, Weybourne, Norfolk Friday and Saturday, September 18-19.
OCTOBER: Full Harvest Moon--This is the full moon that occurs closest to the autumn equinox.
The Mid-Autumn Festival takes place around the autumn equinox, when the moon is at its fullest and brightest.
95) tells of the Autumn Equinox celebration and its importance to Mabon's balance and plenty.
Utilize some whimsy to have fun with the display, Incorporate nontraditional gift-giving holidays in your signs--Groundhog's Day, Leap Day, Autumn Equinox, Sadie Hawkins Day, or even Sandwich Day.
On a Tuesday shortly before the autumn equinox, we were harshly reminded that while environmental problems can be relentless killers, they will never have the power to kill so suddenly or with such violent abandon as angry terrorists harboring a mortal grudge against our nation.
The autumn equinox is behind us, but perhaps it's only been the stargazers who've noticed.
But certainly, in ancient times, the Chinese observed the festival on the autumn equinox to worship the gods of agriculture at the end of the summer harvest.