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any chromosome that is not a sex chromosome

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2] for each autosomal chromosome for distance bins of 0 to 25 kb, 25 to 50 kb, 50 to 100 kb, 100 to 500 kb, 0.
The first two species presented karyotypes composed by acrocentric autosomal chromosomes and, through G-banding analysis it was possible to evidence a higher interspecific homeology.
Therefore, inheritance of a gene on the X chromosome is different from that for one on an autosomal chromosome.
Effective population size was calculated for each autosomal chromosome.
Molecular genetic analysis is required to confirm mutations in genes present in X, Y or autosomal chromosomes causing disorders of sex differentiation.
Chimpanzees and humans have about the same amount of diversity in their autosomal chromosomes.
Neo-sex and multiple sex-chromosome systems have been reported in a wide array of animal groups other than the Orthoptera and details of their formation strongly depend on the nature of the involved sex and autosomal chromosomes.
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