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a pistol that will keep firing until the ammunition is gone or the trigger is released

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Glocks generally have smooth and consistent trigger pulls resembling the DA pull of a good revolver; but heavy compared to a cocked autopistol.
1 is virtually identical to a modern, full-size 1911 autopistol.
Of course autopistols depend upon recoil to function, so we may find a starting load in the manual that simply doesn't want to function.
The pattern doesn't cover the full frontstrap as on some of my custom autopistols, but is big enough to help provide a secure grip.
I do the same thing with slide travel on autopistols and cylinder rotation in revolvers, listening while slowly cycling the action and feeling variations in friction and tension.
Hahn's best-selling autopistols include the Smith & Wesson M & Ps in full-size and compact models, plus Kel-Tec's featherweight 8.
Since then we've tested it on autopistols and other guns.
The article by John Taffin on cowboy guns is a breath of fresh air in a quagmire of gun magazines foaming with autopistols ("Clear The Smoke
In the early '80s, interest in high-capacity autopistols really began to grow.
We know how much care you put into matching up your belts and holsters and the aesthetics of the two-tone slide-and-frame finish on your autopistols.
Handguns can be revolvers or autopistols, standard production models with at least 2,000 units produced.
There's a new kid on the market in the world of autopistols, and his name is DAO, which stands for double action only.