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a region of northeastern Spain

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Joseph Maria Pelegri, Councilor of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Food and Environment of the Government of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia, accompanied by a delegation composed of Ms.
11 April 2011 -- Barclays (LON:BARC) and Deutsche Bank (ETR:DBK), among other banks, have been hired to handle a bond issue of the Spanish autonomous community of Catalonia, Spanish daily Cinco Dias reported.
This second stage in the infringement proceedings aims at getting Spain to change rules at both the national level and in the autonomous community of Catalonia.
The Autonomous Community of Catalonia has, in fact, already adopted a Code of Agricultural Practice (in 1998), an Action Programme for Vulnerable Zones (in 2000) and a Decree on the management of manure and fertilisers (in 2001).
95 million for the autonomous community of Catalonia (total national contribution Euro 400.
The Autonomous Community of Catalonia (Generalitat de Catalunya; rated 'AA-/F1+') guarantees ultimate payment of interest and principal on the class A (G) notes.
Contract notice: hiring of the healthcare service in hospitals of the territorial area of the autonomous community of catalonia for the protected collective of fremap
Barcelona: Fitch Ratings says the City of Barcelona's (Barcelona) Issuer Default Ratings (IDRs; BBB+/Positive/F2) are not affected in the short-term by the Rating Watch Negative (RWN) placed on 5 October on the Autonomous Community of Catalonia (Catalonia) (BB/RWN/B; for more details on the rating drivers, see 'Fitch Places Autonomous Community of Catalonia and Institut Catala de Finances on RWN' at www.
The capital of the autonomous community of Catalonia is home to 11 mosques and 30 official Islamic entities and religious organisations are registered with the Justice Ministry of Spain and the Office of Religious Affairs of the Barcelona Town Council.
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