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transparent screen (as of glass) to protect occupants of a vehicle

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However, the DENSO companies were exempted from all of the KFTC's orders as described above, because they had completely eliminated the conduct that was suspected to be in violation before the commencement of the authority's investigation and because they applied to the KFTC for the leniency program in regard to suspected illegal conduct related to sales of automotive windshield wiper systems and instrumental panel clusters, which was granted by the KFTC.
Attendees were able to see how Carlex goes from "sand to satisfaction" during a tour of the plant that is the only one in North America where, under one roof, starting with sand and other materials, flat glass is manufactured, then fabricated into automotive windshields.
China's automotive windshield wiper market has shown the following three characteristics in 2010:
As opposed to 2010, China's automotive windshield wiper market witnessed two major changes in 2011.
He was a key technical contributor to the shippable version of energy-efficient Sungate automotive windshield and was one of the individuals recognized for work on the Sungate windshield, winning the company's President's Award for Technical Achievement in 2000.
An automotive windshield wiper is a set of devices capable of removing rain, frost and other materials from the windshield of an automobile.
In contrast, the RG-10 uses optical technology that was originally developed for automotive windshield wiper controls.
Over the past year, Southwall has shipped over 35 million square feet of its XIR film for solar control in automotive windshield applications.
The company makes a variety of products at the facility, including automotive windshield washer fluid and bleach.
Both versions will be available in June 2004 and include a GPS 18 sensor, nRoute software with City Select North American data, automotive windshield mount, owners manual, and a quick start guide.
McCord Winn Textron, a leading supplier of modular fluid management systems, automotive windshield and headlamp washing systems, seating comfort systems and electro-mechanical components, was the winner of The 2000 Industrial Plastics Product Design Award for the design and development of the RITec(TM) (Reservoir Integration Technology) Fan Shroud Reservoir.
PPG introduced the Sungate automotive windshield in 1989 on General Motors' APV minivans.
ADCO Products is well positioned in its core markets, which include roofing, automotive OEM, automotive windshield replacement, window manufacturing, and concrete pipe and vault markets.
Phil Beery, President of the ADCO Division said, "As the Autoglass business has already positioned itself as one of the top three adhesives suppliers in the North American automotive windshield replacement industry, I am pleased and enthusiastic about the growth opportunities with this addition to the ADCO Division".
It is one of the world's leading manufacturers of automotive windshield wiping systems, wiper blades (Trico), closure caps and engine thermostats.
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