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the sport of racing automobiles

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Henry Ford Museum's racing collection ranges from the ordinary to the extraordinary and represents the American spirit of innovation inherent in automotive racing, and it is a great opportunity to get up-close and personal with cars from nearly every genre of this historic pastime.
is the premier dirt racing and sports entertainment company dedicated to the promotion of competitive dirt track automotive racing.
BioWeapon's development began in racing motorcycles in 2009 and has grown into motorcycle and automotive racing applications of virtually every type.
With the most recognized brands in dirt track auto racing, we are well positioned to continue to grow our brand equity to capitalize on the growing popularity of competitive automotive racing.
Team HARE - Huddersfield Automotive Racing Enterprises - is the student racing team for Europe's most established motorsport competition, the Formula Student (FSAE).
Roger Penske is one of the biggest names in automotive racing, and collaborating with Team Penske this year has kicked our excitement into high gear," said Gary Van Elslander President of Art Van Furniture.
It is a model of efficiency and accomplishment within the context of the automotive racing community.
The 13 articles reprinted from the Society's journal consider such topics as hardware-in-the-loop testing in racing applications, applying energy-based fuel formulae to increase the efficiency relevance and reduce carbon dioxide emissions of motor sport, improving a small displacement engine's efficiency with a super charging system, optimizing the design of an air flow orifice or restrictor for race car applications, and retaining horsepower by isotropic superfinishing automotive racing components.
Nicole Lyons has accomplished several firsts for women in the automotive racing industry and has the stats to back it up.
EOL pointed out that the flexible sensors could be applied to automotive racing seat to enable different parts of the seat to automatically inflate to protect driver's body.
In what most would consider the most grueling and competitive automotive racing circuit in the world, Formula One, changed the rules governing brake systems to promote energy efficiency.
Giving the armored patrol truck considerable spunk were suggestions from NASCAR and other automotive racing experts.
In other news, PA&E's aluminum and magnesium alloy casting technology developed for the aerospace industry is being applied successfully and directly into the automotive racing industry.
The company's Automotive Racing Div sports a separate product catalog and an email alerting system for customers concerned with racing engines, engine rebuilding, and high performance engine technology.
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