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the sport of racing automobiles

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Giving the armored patrol truck considerable spunk were suggestions from NASCAR and other automotive racing experts.
Formula 1 racing is the epitome of automotive racing.
In other news, PA&E's aluminum and magnesium alloy casting technology developed for the aerospace industry is being applied successfully and directly into the automotive racing industry.
The company's Automotive Racing Div sports a separate product catalog and an email alerting system for customers concerned with racing engines, engine rebuilding, and high performance engine technology.
Vortech, a Moorpark company that manufactures automotive racing products, filed a report Feb.
The company also will continue to sponsor the RCA Men's Tennis championships in Indianapolis, and Cale Yarborough's NASCAR automotive racing team.
The Carroll Shelby Foundation was established by automotive racing icon and manufacturer, Carroll Shelby, after receiving a heart transplant that ultimately saved his life.
It was a fictional movie, Cannon Ball Run, that brought coast to coast automotive racing to the attention of the general public.
Team HARE - Huddersfield Automotive Racing Enterprises - is the student racing team for Europe's most established motorsport competition, the Formula Student (FSAE).
Nicole Lyons has accomplished several firsts for women in the automotive racing industry and has the stats to back it up.
Hot Wheels[R] has had a long-standing history of participating in the automotive racing world - from sponsoring the Snake and Mongoose rivalry of the NHRA[R] to sponsoring Jack Baldwin's car in the 1992 Trans-Am Championship, to Kyle Petty's NASCAR sponsorship during the '90s - plus an exclusive line of die-cast models for the sport.
Team HARE - standing for Huddersfield Automotive Racing Enterprise - is taking part in Formula Student, the world's most respected educational motorsport competition launched by the Society of Automotive Engineers and run by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.
According to Fox, the buy will enable the company to offer more innovative products for the automotive racing and enthusiast sectors.
Sponsorship opportunities are available for corporations and individuals who want to participate in automotive racing and clean-energy history.
The uni has entered the challenge since 1999 and last year the students, dubbed Team HARE (Huddersfield Automotive Racing Enterprises), finished 15th overall, the highest ranking British team.
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