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Across the automotive industry, Tier One suppliers and OEMs are facing tremendous pressure.
Industry experts will discuss China automotive industry forecasts, business and legal structures, joint ventures and strategic alliances, component sourcing and purchasing, logistics and warehousing, labor and human resource issues, and more.
One of the key players in the automotive industry in China, Haima Motor is one of the Top 500 industry enterprises in China and Top 100 enterprises in the mechanical industry.
TAC Automotive acquired all the assets related to Troy Design's automotive industry staffing services.
Sherman brings 40 years of automotive industry experience to MPi; including 31 years with General Motors.
a company that focuses on professional training and consulting services, seminars, keynote speaking and executive coaching; primarily within the automotive industry for retail dealerships, manufacturers, and suppliers.
Figure 3-2: Global - Automotive Industry Production (in Million Units), 2004 & 2005
The integration of the companies' solutions will create a total service-drive sales solution for the retail automotive industry.
com/reports/c48066) has announced the addition of "Asian Automotive Industry (2007)" to their offering.
This Frost & Sullivan research service titled Advances in Fuel Cells for Automotive Applications provides an overview of emerging fuel cell technologies for the automotive industry along with key drivers, restraints, and analysis of trends witnessed in the fuel cell industry.
Automotive Industry Offers Substantial Opportunities for Electrochemical Machines
com/reports/c44655) has announced the addition of China Automotive Industry Report (Merger & Reorganization) 2005-2006 to their offering.
Noble is North America's largest laser welder with laser-welded flat blanks and laser-welded tubular products solutions for the automotive industry.
STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- ProfilGruppen acquires shareholding in the German company PWG, Europe's leading supplier of aluminium guides for sunroof system to the automotive industry.
com) is the automotive industry leader in multi-channel marketing.
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