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While things are not yet all rosy in the garden, overall the Japanese automotive industry is back in profit, continuing its expansion overseas and even managing a small growth in domestic sales in the year to March 2003.
Given this context, we believe the following issues should be continuously monitored for their impact on the automotive industry over the next few years:
Over the last five years Canada has witnessed sweeping changes in its automotive industry.
This research service titled EMS Provider Opportunities in the North American Automotive Industry provides an overview of EMS opportunities within the automotive industry along with revenue forecasts, analysis of key drivers and restraints, impacts of major industry challenges, competitive analysis, as well as various trends affecting growth opportunities.
com) is the automotive industry leader in multi-channel marketing.
After entry into WTO, Chinas automotive industry encounters quite a lot global impact.
The Automotive Industry Education Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) Arizona corporation established as a public charity and endowment fund dedicated to providing scholarships to students across the nation who are pursuing or advancing careers in the automotive industry.
China, India & ASEAN countries are the major driving markets for Asian automotive industry.
The integration of the companies' solutions will create a total service-drive sales solution for the retail automotive industry.
Asia is the fastest growing region in the world in terms of the automotive industry, primarily, due to a saturating automotive industry of the Western world.
Regulatory Measures toward a Green Economy Drive Adoption of Fuel Cells in Automotive Industry
Automotive Industry Offers Substantial Opportunities for Electrochemical Machines
com/reports/c44655) has announced the addition of China Automotive Industry Report (Merger & Reorganization) 2005-2006 to their offering.
Noble is North America's largest laser welder with laser-welded flat blanks and laser-welded tubular products solutions for the automotive industry.
STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- ProfilGruppen acquires shareholding in the German company PWG, Europe's leading supplier of aluminium guides for sunroof system to the automotive industry.
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