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insurance against loss due to theft or traffic accidents

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As with every type of insurance policy, the Alberta Standard Automobile Policy has exclusions and exceptions that apply to each section of the policy.
2) Insureds must have a homeowners and automobile policy with The Hanover (in the Midwest watercraft and motor homes also apply).
Both the common law and the standard automobile policy recognize the insurer's dependence on the insured's assistance in proving any subrogated claim, and so impose a duty on the insured to assist the insurer and to cooperate in the insurer's pursuit of a subrogated claim.
Mellick, president and chief executive officer of the company, said, "Our second quarter results reflect continuing momentum in our automobile policy growth, especially in Northern California as well as ongoing favorable claim experience.
While it is common for homeowners to carry $300,000 in liability insurance through their standard homeowner's policy and $500,000 in liability insurance through their standard automobile policy, these coverages often are not enough to protect their assets when a personal injury award is handed down against them in a lawsuit.
4 million will be sent to Amica's 77,676 automobile policy holders in Massachusetts as their policies expire in 1998 (dividend checks for any 1997 policies that already have expired or terminated will be mailed between Dec.
Collision with a deer or animals is covered under the comprehensive portion of your automobile policy.
Tokuda added, "The new automobile policy announced by the Chinese government this June requires that automotive manufacturers expend more effort on environmental concerns and fuel efficiency in order to contribute to a clean and comfortable motorized society.
Now, L'Unique customers need only have NavLynx certify that an AutoGuard Tracking(TM) system has been installed and that the NavLynx service remains active in order to benefit from an approved premium discount of the automobile policy in the Province of Quebec.
Cal Auto plans to begin offering a 6 month non-standard private passenger automobile policy with a monthly payment installment plan by October of this year.
Company (EIC) today announced a reduction in its automobile policy rates
For example, if Joe has an automobile policy that would cover $100,000, if he inflicts harm on others, then he automatically has coverage of up to $100,000 if he (or someone in his car) is injured up to the extent the offending driver has less than $100,000 in coverage.
The new automobile policy would be submitted to the next cabinet meeting for approval.
Deposits and Guarantees required: Insurance for aircraft damage up to 10 million as under the automobile policy that guarantees risk operation.
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