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insurance against loss due to theft or traffic accidents

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Yamaha requested Pakistan to include two-wheelers in the automobile policy and allow foreign vehicle-makers to come and invest, but still no reply has come from the government.
In addition to high enough limits, a good automobile policy will have adequate uninsured and under-insured motorist limits.
For example, if Joe has an automobile policy that would cover $100,000, if he inflicts harm on others, then he automatically has coverage of up to $100,000 if he (or someone in his car) is injured up to the extent the offending driver has less than $100,000 in coverage.
The new automobile policy would be submitted to the next cabinet meeting for approval.
Islamabad will soon announce an automobile policy for all stakeholders says Commerce Minister Engr.
I hope that the National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) will use this New York law as a model for other states to adopt so that a personal automobile policy will negate the need to pay $9 a day for the "non-insurance" CDW and avoid the high-pressure tactics we find in other states such as Florida.
George said students completing the program earn a discount on the automobile policy, and the company gives them a card to purchase $15 worth of gasoline for free.
21 May 2013 -- California-based regional property and casualty insurer Capital Insurance Group said it ahs launched its new mobile application for personal automobile policy holders for the iPhone (NASDAQ: AAPL) and Android (NASDAQ: GOOG) platforms.
Also prepare a list of all homeowners' accounts where there isn't an automobile policy written alongside.
However, for a very small premium increase, $1 a day or less, very substantial medical coverage can be added to your automobile policy, this has remained for all of my years in practice the best bargain in coverage.
BoI to seek inclusion of motorcycles in automobile policy
However, if the household initially has contents and automobile policies, or house, and automobile policies, or all three of contents, house, and automobile policies, then the automobile policy is the most likely to be canceled.
Earthquake damage to autos would be covered under comprehensive, or coverage to the damage of an auto, included in the automobile policy.
Additional data on the details of the property being evaluated can be obtained through a CLUE add-on service called Real Property, and comprehensive data on prior automobile policy experience including specific vehicle information can be obtained through Current Carrier report, said Wilson.
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