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insurance against loss due to theft or traffic accidents

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They indicate whether the household has contents, house, or automobile policies respectively before the first notification of cancellation.
Four rules apply to recommendations regarding personal automobile policies.
One of the most popular data sources to help underwrite automobile policies is Department of Motor Vehicle reports.
Another difference may involve the scope of the liability protection provided by automobile policies.
Tase advised Pakistan to study the automobile policies of countries vying for Japanese investment like South Africa as it formulates its own automobile policy seeking greater local content.
Thirty-five insurers selling automobile policies in Japan paid a combined 52 billion yen in insurance money associated with such thefts in the year to March 31, up 26% from a year before, the association said.
Workers' compensation, property, general liability and automobile policies have classification codes that are used to calculate the final premium.
One of the more interesting topics relating to the insurability of punitive damages is whether they are covered under the uninsured/underinsured motorist provisions of automobile policies.
Domestic automobile policies do not respond to claims resulting from accidents that occur in other countries.
The company is expected to discontinue writing automobile policies in Arkansas and transfer existing policies to other companies by the close of 1991.
Most recently, Florida personal automobile policies have been completely non-renewed and only a modest amount of claims remain open.
In 1989, the company began writing personal automobile policies.
In Re Farmers Med-Pay Litigation (CJ2004-559), plaintiffs charged that Farmers failed to pay--either in whole or in part--"reasonable" expenses for necessary medical services under the medical payments (Med-pay) and/or personal injury protection (PIP) coverage outlined in their automobile policies.
7 million randomly generated records and concluded that "credit-based insurance scores are effective predictors of risk under automobile policies.
established Premier as a separate entity for its Massachusetts automobile policies, a move which walled off some exposure for the parent company at a time when large national insurers were beginning to flee the state's highly-regulated automobile insurance sector.
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