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insurance against loss due to theft or traffic accidents

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The driver's automobile insurance policy limit of $25,000 was insufficient to cover Jackson's medical expenses.
If each automobile insurance policy is bought by individual drivers, then why is the entire Cree community being penalized," asked Chief Darrell Strongman of the Montana First Nation.
American Home has marketed a new type of automobile insurance policy via mail-order in the Japanese market since last September.
Participants 55 years and older will receive a Department of Motor Vehicle certificate which could entitle them to a discount on the liability portion of their automobile insurance policy.
Consider this scenario: The telephone rings and the caller on the other end has questions regarding his automobile insurance policy as well as questions about filing a claim, two operations that traditionally are handled by separate departments.
This well-lawyered bit of phrasing from the Massachusetts automobile insurance policy (4th ed.
The discount for hybrid drivers is the latest in a long series of firsts for the company that wrote the first automobile insurance policy in 1897.
GAP insurance means property insurance that covers all or a portion of the difference between the recovery received on primary automobile insurance in the event of a total loss and the MSRP of a current year replacement vehicle or the difference between the recovery on a primary automobile insurance policy and an outstanding loan or lease obligation in the event of total loss.
Plaintiff filed a claim with defendant, GEICO Insurance Company, to recover damages under the UIM coverage provision of her own automobile insurance policy.
There is no legal authority to support State Farm's argument that actual notice of an automobile insurance policy cancellation can be imputed to an insured by any means other than that which is provided by the plain text of the statute.
Cougot said the information related to the school's automobile insurance policy.
Japanese casualty insurers have been confronting difficulties in expanding revenues from their automobile insurance policy sales, the largest source of profits for most nonlife insurers.
If you are entitled to receive disability benefits under a group or private insurance policy, an adjustment can be made to the amount of benefits payable under the automobile insurance policy.
These articles provide readers with a very good overview of regulatory changes in the California Insurance Code treating permissible factors that can be used for determining automobile rates and secondarily, reasons available to insurers to cancel or non-renew an automobile insurance policy.
It is further ADJUDGED and DECLARED that plaintiff is not entitled to first-party benefits under the terms of the automobile insurance policy issued by Farm and Family Casualty Insurance Co.
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